Heart of the Home: 7 Kitchen Lighting Trends to Heat up Your Cooking Space

Heart of the Home: 7 Kitchen Lighting Trends to Heat up Your Cooking Space

When people think about remodeling a room in their house, most often, they’re going to lean towards touching up their kitchen. And when we say “touching up”, we’re not talking about re-painting a cabinet.

As a matter of fact, the average person drops between $12,000 and $30,000 on a kitchen remodel.

If you’re considering rolling that kind of cash into your new kitchen, you’ll want to make sure that the look you come away with is one you love. An aspect of your remodel that’ll have a impact on aesthetics is investing in the right kitchen lighting trends.

Not sure where to start when it comes to kitchen lighting? Worried that the new kitchen lighting trends you choose to latch onto will leave you dissatisfied with your kitchen’s final look?

If so, keep reading! Below, our team breaks down vetted, trendy, and effective lighting motifs that may inspire your design.

1. Democratizing the Chandelier

Chandeliers, for centuries, have been the mark of money. Therefore they would only be seen in sweeping, ambitious kitchens.

Gone are those days.

Today, many are lighting their kitchens with chandeliers that boast different, eclectic bits of charm that can look at home in kitchens of any budget. If you’re looking to provide great overhead lighting in your kitchen and want your primary lighting fixture to be a conversation piece, look no further than investing in any chandelier you like and can afford.

And don’t worry if the chandelier you enjoy doesn’t seem to fit perfectly with your kitchen’s aesthetic. Accent pieces are meant to stand out!

2. The Cafeteria Look

When it comes to eating, there are few things more important to people than cleanliness. Hence why some love the overhead light, white, cafeteria look.

Cafeteria lighting is basic, cold, yet illuminates well and tends to be incredibly energy efficient. This sort of lighting is usually recessed and therefore eliminates the need to learn various things that are important for light fixtures in food prep areas.

If you don’t mind the white-light look and are looking to save money while also investing in your kitchen’s effortless cleanliness, give cafeteria lighting a try.

3. Big Windows, Small Lights

Large light fixtures create clutter in kitchens. If you’re anything like us, that’s a turn-off for you.

A great lighting trick that’s among the most popular kitchen lighting trends is to ditch big fixtures, stick with small, targeted lighting, and let large windows do the heavy lighting lifting.

Large windows in an area that gets a lot of sun can naturally light your whole space creating a lighting effect that money can’t buy. Furthermore, by leaning on natural light as your primary kitchen illumination, you’ll save on electricity.

The downside here is a dim kitchen during evening hours, which some of you may prefer!

4. Bronze and Copper

Industrial-sheik was a home design trend that we saw build a lot of momentum post-2010. It has slowed down since then but we’re still seeing people invest in remnants of that pallet by leaning on bronze and copper lighting fixtures.

Whether you make all of your overhead lamps bronze or invest in a copper accent lamp in the corner, adding pops of industrial to your kitchen space can make it look unique all while offering ample light.

We recommend picking out sink fixtures to match your bronze and copper lighting if you choose to go this route.

5. White Decor to Increase Luminance

Another great trick to increase light without increasing lights comes down to investing in the right paint and furniture color. That color is white!

As you probably know, white does a fabulous job of reflecting light around a room. That means that you could easily add an extra 25% or so boost in brightness from natural lighting and your existing features, just by featuring a ton of white in and around your eating space.

Doing this is usually simple since a lot of kitchens already come with white paint and white appliances. If yours doesn’t, consider adding dashes of white to passively add dashes of light!

6. Mix and Match

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to lighting or any other decor choice you might make for your home. With that in mind, trending kitchen light fixtures are often mismatched in some of the most modern kitchens!

This is done to create contrast which will feel unique in a room that is usually very binary and basic.

Another great advantage to having your lighting fixtures mismatch in your kitchen is that you can head over to a thrift store, raid their collection of discounted fixtures, and not have to worry about not being able to buy a  matching set.

That’ll save you money and almost certainly inspire conversation when guests walk into your eating space.

7. Lean on Feature Accents

Feature accent lighting is spotlighting that you might use in cabinets, on a unique sink fixture, or another area of interest in your kitchen. These lights are very pointed and offer low luminance.

Some people like to use feature accents as their primary kitchen lights because they draw focus to key areas of your space that may be the most interesting. Accent lights are also non-invasive and are cheap to run.

Make the Above Kitchen Lighting Trends Your Own

We’ve just shared several kitchen lighting trends you can lean on for your space. As you decide which might best fit your vision, remember that no trend is set in stone.

Take a trend you like, put your own spin on it, and start a trend of your own!

And if you’d like additional guidance along the way, we welcome you to explore additional content on our blog.