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Why Developing Healthy Lifestyle Habits Early is Important

People who develop healthy lifestyle habits early on have a huge advantage in life. Habits are just as hard to develop as they are to break, so creating healthy habits early gives people a strong foundation for maintaining good health.

What are some good, healthy habits to develop?

The ideal lifestyle habits to develop are habits that have short and long-term benefits. For example, taking a long walk through the garden barefoot feels good in the moment and establishes a long-term connection with nature.

Here’s a short list of beneficial habits to adopt.

1. Keeping the brain active

Keeping your brain active is underrated. If you don’t keep your brain stimulated, you risk cognitive decline. According to the National Institute of Aging, cognitive stimulation is one of several factors associated with a lowered risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Of all the possible diseases you could develop, Alzheimer’s is one of the worst. Often, people with Alzheimer’s require 24-hour care and need to move into long-term care facilities. Alzheimer’s can make it hard to swallow, speak, and recognize familiar faces.

Memory is greatly affected in Alzheimer’s patients. In advanced cases, people forget how to dress themselves, and may do strange things like walk through screen doors or put their phone in the refrigerator.

While there’s no guarantee you won’t get Alzheimer’s, keeping your brain active will reduce your risk and will support you in enjoying your life as you get older.

2. Regular exercise

Exercising regularly is one of the best healthy habits you can develop. When you develop a habit of exercising, it’s hard to break it. You could have a layover and have no problem doing a workout in the middle of the airport.

Regular exercise doesn’t need to be intense. You could walk a couple of miles, walk around the block, hit the gym for a half hour, or do a low-intensity workout program. Even yoga counts as exercise.

3. Strength training

Strength training isn’t just for people who want to get huge. It’s for people who want to get strong. You don’t have to get big to gain strength. Just look at powerlifters. They’re extremely strong, but they’re not huge. In fact, most powerlifters are smaller than bodybuilders.

Training to build strength is different than training to grow in size. If you don’t want to get huge, focus on low-intensity training that uses time-under-tension (TUT) with 1 set for each exercise with a 7-rep max. It’s really that simple. You could double your strength in a short period of time without getting bigger.

4. Consuming proper nutrition

Nutrition is the foundation of health. Once you start eating good food with high nutritional value, you won’t be easily swayed back into eating fast food. You might splurge on Taco Bell once in a while, but it won’t be your regular lunch.

As you get older, a habit grounded in eating good nutrition will help you make good choices for your family. You’ll probably turn into a great cook, too.

5. Not smoking

Even though the media no longer glamorizes smoking, many people find it appealing. This should go without saying, but not smoking is one of the healthiest habits you could have. Although it might not sound like a habit to avoid something, smoking is different.

Many people are offered cigarettes, tobacco pipes, and cigars in social settings and continually need to decline. You’ll maintain your health by habitually declining all offers.

Smoking was first proven to be linked to cancer and early death back in the 1950s. Subsequent studies solidified these facts even more. There is no longer any room for debate about whether smoking causes cancer.

Inspire others to create healthy habits

If you know anyone in your life who would benefit from developing healthier habits, you could be an inspiration. Don’t get discouraged if people in your life don’t get excited about exercising with you in the park.

If the people in your immediate life aren’t open to getting on the health train, you can always share your thoughts and experiences on YouTube. The beautiful thing about the internet is that your target audience is out there and all you have to do is reel them into viewing your content.

If you have a healthy habit that has changed your life, share it with the world. People need to know that the smallest change can make a huge difference.  xz