Product photography shoot of shoes

Fashion Brand Owners are Replacing Fashion Models with Ghost Mannequin Photography

When we come to think of a fashion product ad on a newspaper or magazine page, we expect to see a fashion model wearing the clothing item. For decades, clothing brand owners built our perception by showcasing their products using fashion models. Now we started to see a new trend in fashion product promotion. Traditional way of having models displaying the products are not the only way anymore. Brand owners are now utilizing ghost mannequin photo editing services more and more for their product promotion.

Ghost Mannequin Photography – What Is It Anyways?

A very peculiar term – Ghost Mannequin Photography – may not be known by all. In fact, it is safe to assume that individuals that are not directly associated with clothing brand marketing have no reason to be familiar with the term.

We all however have seen Ghost Mannequin Photography more or less. When you visit the clothing brand’s online store to order a shirt, pair of pants or some leggings, you see the products being displayed on the website in few different ways. Sometimes the products are displayed as is, either in a package or on the table or on a mannequin.

Most common way we see is a model wearing the apparel item. In fact, it is so common to see the models wearing the clothing items, we somewhat expect to see that in our sub-conscious mind.

Another product promotion method that is gaining traction is Ghost Mannequin Photography where the clothing item looks like is on a mannequin but there is no mannequin visible. Just like we don’t see a ghost, whether or not there is any ghost in reality, we don’t see the mannequin on a cloth either. It however does look like a mannequin is wearing the item. Another name for this type of photography is invisible mannequin photography.

How to Avail Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services

Coming up with the ghost mannequin photography is a two-step process. These two processes are called production process and post production process.

In production phase, a photo shoot session is performed by the photographer or the studio. Small private label brand owners might try to get away by shooting their own clothing items. Brand owners however don’t have the luxury of spending days shooting product photos. They have better things to do. photographers or studios do the photoshoot for them. This photoshoot session is called the production phase.

In post-production phase, ghost mannequin photo editing services company like Joolo Media edits the product photos to create the ghost mannequin image. A very complex ad detail-oriented editing process is undertaken to come up with the desired product photography.

There are few things to consider before hiring a photo editing services company. First, make sure you can communicate with them. You and your outsourcing partner must be on the same page on a project. Secondly, make sure you outsourcing partner pays attention to details and adheres to the deadline. Lastly, you need to make sure the cost of ghost mannequin editin0g is within your budget.