10 tips for planning your wedding in Puglia:

Because planning a wedding can quickly become an obstacle course, I have put together ten essential tips for you to help you organize a stress-free wedding.

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This is the essential point when planning a wedding. Do you have a woolen sock to devote to this day? Or savings that you will save a little every month until D-Day? Help from your loved ones can be? 

Regardless of how you will finance your wedding, assess all the expense items, and the budget you can devote to them, and set your priorities … photo, catering, dress, it’s up to you to decide.


He or she has just asked you the question, the emotion has subsided somewhat, that’s it, it’s time to get started in organizing your day. 

And if we can say for a moment, that it’s good we have time, the wedding is only in 12 months, know that the most popular providers are often booked very well in advance. 

Allow around 12 to 18 months for a room, or 10 to 12 months for a photographer, or a wedding planner depending on the date. 


Yes, I tell you everything and it’s the opposite. It is certainly necessary to do it in advance for many positions, but it is also necessary to take the time to think, as for dress and many other things.


Florist, creator of share, filmmaker, or DJ, you must absolutely choose them for their work, and trust them. Do not ask a photographer for photos with a vintage treatment, or fine art if that is not his style, or a florist for graphic compositions if his favorite universe is more rustic compositions. 

If your providers aren’t comfortable with the job you ask them to do, they won’t be able to give you what you expect, and everyone will be disappointed. You might as well avoid it.


From the choice of colors to the venue of your reception to the menu or the style of your dress, don’t let something be imposed on you that is unlike you. 

Whether by your loved ones or by some ideas of conventions and imagine a wedding that looks like you. 

If I had to do it again, I would probably organize a nice brunch in all simplicity for our wedding, rather than a dinner, certainly very beautiful, but maybe a bit too sophisticated for us.


Yes, pretty bride, this day is your day, but it is also a bit like the moment of your mom, your dad, and especially that of your other half. 

So if he’s not a fan of the idea of wearing a bow tie or colorful sneakers, and even if it’s really too cute, listen to him. 

And if your mom is really keen on the idea of embroidering you a little wedding ring cushion, say yes, if it’s all there to make her happy.


Establish your schedule for the day and discuss it with your providers, to make sure everything is realistic and achievable. 

Allow for example at least two hours for the beauty, hairstyle, and dressing of the bride, or at least a quarter of an hour additional to the initial timing for town hall-ceremony-cocktail trips when everything does not happen in the same place. There’s always a car that doesn’t follow, a missed highway ramp, or a forgotten key.