Planning the Perfect Art Deco Wedding

Many couples decide to go with a theme for their wedding as this makes fashion choices, décor, and even catering options much easier to choose. While there are plenty of themes that will work well for a wedding, art deco is a particularly fine choice. This period was one of opulence, and the iconic art deco designs are simplistic yet intricate at the same time. This type of elegance is perfect for a wedding, and if you are a fan of vintage things, this could be the ideal theme for yours. Below are a few tips to help you plan the perfect art deco wedding.

The Dress

The bride’s dress is one of the most anticipated things at a wedding. Everyone wants to see what style she chose and how it helps her to glow on her big day. If you want to throw an art deco wedding, the dress needs to fit in with that style, and luckily there are plenty of jaw-dropping designs for brides to choose from. Some are simpler than others, but that doesn’t mean they won’t turn heads. Think intricate beading, flowing silks, and elegant, vintage glamour. 

Have Signature Cocktails

Champagne is a must at any wedding, but especially one that is reflecting an age of excess. In addition to the bubbly, you should have a signature cocktail made up to celebrate your marriage and one that represents both of you as a couple. Gin and whiskey are the two most obvious choices when it comes to the art deco theme, but pick a spirit that you both enjoy. When it comes to choosing glassware, go for champagne coups and crystal-cut tumblers to fit in with your theme.


Silver, gold, and black are always good combinations for art deco décor but don’t be afraid to use a bit more color in your choice as well. Rich greens, blues, or even softer pinks could work well. Floral arrangements would look great in tall, thin vases on tables, and soft candlelight around the room would create the right atmosphere. Your invitations should have art deco designs on them, as well as your guestbook if you’re going to have one, and name cards for your seating arrangements.

Jazz Band

It’s meant to be the roaring 20s, so you must have a live jazz band performing! You can easily search for wedding music bands who can cater to all kinds of styles, so finding a vintage jazz band to play at your art deco wedding shouldn’t be difficult. Most bands have modern twists or do jazzy covers of contemporary songs as well, so it’s the perfect way to get your guests to dance and sing along to their favorites.


Finally, picking a venue that fits the part would be beneficial. This will depend on your budget, and any venue can be jazzed up with the right décor, but if it already has an art deco vibe, this would be ideal. There might be some historical buildings near you that fit this description or an old library or botanical gardens would also be perfect. 

If you would love to have an art deco wedding, use these tips to help you pull it off.