How to Sell an Inherited Home You Don’t Want

Do you have an inherited home that you really don’t need? Sometimes, you just need cash for other projects or investments. However, it is much easier and faster to release the value in a home than you may believe.

Usually, this involves selling to a cash buyer. Read on as we present a must-know guide on how to sell an inherited home fast.

Know the Legal Status of the Inherited Home

The first hurdle to undertake is to establish the legal status of the home. This can help you sell your house fast, as you can more efficiently and quickly tie up loose legal ends.

Probate is the most common form of inheritance. It happens when the deceased does not have a legal will. Unfortunately, this can take time to arrange as the belongings and property may be split over a number of inheritors and debtors may need to be paid.

If the deceased did create a will and left specific instructions about the property, then you may have inherited through transfer on death deed. This is a better scenario, as it is quicker, less costly, and means you probably do not have to share with others.

Living by a trust is the best scenario. It is a legal contract stipulating who manages the selling of the estate and its beneficiaries. It can often help avoid or offset home inheritance tax.

Decide on Selling Preparations

When you are ready to sell your house fast, you have two choices. The first is to repair and decorate. This costs money and time but will result in a higher sale price.

The method most people prefer went they want a quick sale is to sell ‘as-is’. Selling your property as is means you do not do any renovation or repairs when it goes for sale. While it may result in a lower sale price, it does mean you can often sell a home for cash fast.

Choose a Sale Method

The next step is to choose a method of selling your home. The most taken route is through a real estate agent.

A real estate agent will have access to buyers and marketing methods you do not. They can also sort out a lot of the legalities that could cost you a lot of time and money.

The downside is that they do take a fee, cutting into your profit. You may also find that going through a real estate agent takes longer than other methods.

The second option is to sell to a cash buyer. They will probably prefer as is properties as they will be aiming to renovate and sell them on quickly. There are also designated companies who will make you cash offers.

Staying Safe

In summary, it is easy to sell an inherited home fast, often for cash. It all depends on the legal status and if you are willing to take a little less than its market price. In any case, you should make sure that all legal bases are covered and you do not open yourself up to bad practices or scam artists.

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