Woman photographer is taking a picture of mountain landscape

Let’s Hang Out: How to Hang Landscape Photography Prints in Your Home

Are you decorating a new home? Or, are you looking to spruce up an existing space? Landscape photography can add personality to any room.

If you have shopped for wall art and decor, you may feel overwhelmed choosing the right style for each room. Things like scale and theme can feel like heavy decisions. You may feel exasperated shopping for decor that lacks personality or uniqueness.

Landscape photography prints can fit an array of styles and tastes. This makes it simpler to find the perfect print for your home.

Read on for easy-to-follow ways to hang landscape photography prints. These tips can help you choose the right print to transform your space.

Live in Color

Did you know that living in color can make you feel happier at home? There are psychology studies that support interiors with bold hues. You may live in an apartment that forbids painting your walls.

Or you want to avoid the expense of repainting. Hanging photography can be a design alternative. Colorful landscape prints add liveliness and dimension to any space.

Or Go For Black and White

If color isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Black and white landscape photography is an elegant design approach.

Try hanging black and white urban landscape photography of your home city. While urban centers are notoriously hectic, a black and white photography print creates a monotone sense of tranquility. This can help your decor look more uniformed.

Choose Sentimental Landscapes

Do you love to travel? Or, do you have a favorite destination that helps recall memories? Think about your honeymoon, destination wedding, or family vacation.

Capture these important memories by choosing a sentimental photography landscape. How can you hang these sentimental landscapes?

A beach landscape photography of your favorite family vacation destination can anchor your living room or dining room. In these spaces, the whole family can enjoy this beautiful print and remember fun times together. Sentimental landscapes can also make great photography gifts.

Consider Placement and Theme

When hanging a landscape print, you should be considerate of size and scale. For example, a large blank wall behind the couch requires an oversize landscape print to ground the space. Placing a small print that is the wrong scale could make your living area appear smaller.

If you live in an apartment or studio, don’t be afraid to go big! Scaling large vertical prints draws the eye up. This creates the illusion of a bigger space than actually exists.

Hang on Theme

When hanging landscape photography, your theme of choice should appropriately fit your space. A water landscape would look great in a bathroom. While a busy city landscape may not create the relaxing vibe you crave in a bedroom.

There are many landscape themes to choose from. You can learn more about what options fit best.

Landscape Photography Can Transform Your Space

Do away with boring or meaningless artwork and hang landscape photography. These photography prints can add unique value and design to any space in your home.

Just remember, to embrace color (or go black and white) if that’s your style. Choose prints that speak to a destination or memory and don’t forget the key design elements like scale and theme.

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