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4 Reasons to Call an Emergency Electrician

In 2018 alone, an estimated 379,600 home fires occurred in the US. Electrical malfunctions were behind 6.8% of these cases.

For that reason, it’s vital you know when to call an emergency electrician. Otherwise, your home could be at risk of a fire due to faulty electrical components. Even a tiny flame from a burning outlet can become a major fire in just 30 seconds.

To that end, we created this list of signs that you need to call an emergency electrical expert. Read on so that you can keep your home and family safe from electrical hazards.

1. A Dead Circuit Breaker

Your electrical panel houses the main circuit breaker panel and smaller circuit breakers. The main circuit breaker distributes (and cuts off) the power to your entire home. The smaller breakers feed electricity to each room and some systems, such as the HVAC unit and fridge.

A power surge can trigger the main circuit breaker or any of the smaller ones to trip. Usually, you only need to reset the switches to turn the power back on. However, an extreme surge could burn or fry one or more of your breakers.

Call an emergency electrician if you see scorch marks on any circuit breaker switch. You need to get these dead breakers replaced; otherwise, you won’t be able to turn the power back on. Worse, they may no longer trip when they need to, which puts your electrical system at risk of an overload.

2. Loud and Odd Noises From the Electrical Panel

Loud buzzing or sizzling sounds can indicate a bad breaker that needs to trip but cannot. Remember: breakers trip to protect your electrical system and appliances from getting fried. So if a faulty breaker can’t trip, it’s an overload or electrical fire waiting to happen.

If you have electrical gloves, don them and shut off your main circuit breaker panel. Then, get in touch with an emergency electrical service to check and fix what’s wrong with your panel.

3. Yellow or Orange Sparks From Outlets

Sometimes, you’ll notice light blue sparks when you plug something into a wall outlet. So long as they only appear for a second or less, those sparks are normal and not dangerous.

However, yellow or orange sparks that show up for more than a few seconds mean that something’s wrong. It’s even more dangerous if smoke or burning odors follow the bright sparks. These could indicate burning wire covers or short-circuiting electrical components.

Call a 24-hour emergency electrician if you smell smoke after you see yellow or orange sparks. Don’t plug anything else in the outlet, as this can lead to fires or even electrocution.

4. Electrical Shocks From Switches or Outlets

Each year, at least 10,000 US emergency department visits are for electrical injuries. These include non-fatal electrocutions and burn injuries.

A faulty light switch or wall outlet can cause minor electrical shocks. The problem may be due to unsecured connections, loose screws, or frayed wiring. Either way, you need to get these fixed right away, as they will just keep shocking anyone who touches them.

Don’t Delay Calling an Emergency Electrician

As you can see, bad and loud breakers, as well as bright sparks, are signs you need to call an emergency electrician. It’s even more crucial if you smell burning odors or get shocked when you plug up something or turn the lights on. Ring up a 24/7 electrical repair expert before these problems end up causing a fire or more severe injuries.

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