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9 Signs You Have Bed Bugs in Your House

No one wants to talk about them. They instill fear or clueless looks in the uninvaded. And those who have come across them shudder at their name.

Bed bugs.

Ninety-seven percent of surveyed pest control professionals treated bed bugs in the year. And figures suggest bed bug infestation is increasing.

So what are the signs you have bed bugs?

It is easy to be in denial that it can happen to you. But contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not fussy about whether your home is clean or dirty. They will still stay if you let them.

So, here are nine bed bug signs, so you take action fast!

1. Itchy Bites

Itchy bites are the most commonly reported sign of bed bug infestation. Sometimes they are confused with mosquito bites, but everyone reacts differently. Bites can occur immediately, days, or weeks after infestation begins.

2. Bite Patterns

If bites are close together and are primarily in lines, you could have a bed bug problem. Bites can be linear or in constellation style shapes. Not all bites will be, as sometimes a bed bug is disturbed mid feed.

3. Dark Spots

Bed bugs can leave rust or dark-colored stains on your sheets. Unfortunately, these are feces. They smear easily and have a foul odor.

4. Blood Stains

One of the most typical bed bug symptoms is blood stains. Check you have no scratches or pimples. If not, blood stains on clothes or bedding could be a squished bed bug stain.

5. Bed Bug Shells

Empty bug shells one of the unpleasant signs of bed bugs. Shells are white or brown. They can be around corners, seams, under pillows, and other hard-to-reach places.

6. Eggs

Eggs hatch in 4-12 days, so act fast before the bed bug infestation gets worse. These white spots are tiny and often clustered in seams and joints. Use a flashlight to check if you suspect a bed bug problem.

7. Unusual Odor

The odor is hard to describe. It can be a musty, sweet smell, sometimes compared to berries. Bed bugs leave this scent trail for their colony or if they have been disturbed.

8. Bugs

You know you have a bed bug problem when you see live bugs. You only see them if the bed bug infestation is severe or when they are feeding at night. You can find them hiding in mattress seams, pillows, and other hidden areas.

At this point, you need to find the best pest control for your home.

9. Risk Factors

If you have noticed other bed bug symptoms, consider risk factors. Frequent travel to hotels or hostels means you could have been exposed. And if someone you know has a bed bug infestation, you could too.

Remember These Signs You Have Bed Bugs

Do not put off the signs you have bed bugs. There is no shame, and it does not mean you are dirty.

The longer you leave the problem, the worse it can get. Bed bugs can be found in the most unusual places, such as lamps, and spread throughout your home. If you are unsure, seek professional advice.

Good luck! Read our other articles for more helpful advice like this.