9 Wonderful Reasons for Sending Flowers to Someone You Love

Flowers are a symbolic staple. They populate some of the world’s greatest poems, paintings, and are almost universally recognized as a symbol of beauty. Sending flowers is a gesture of love that goes back to before the middle ages.

But have you ever actually sent someone flowers?

In this day and age, sweeping gestures aren’t as popular as they used to be. This article will provide you with nine reasons to send flowers to someone you care about.

1. They’ve Accomplished Something

It’s standard to see loved ones handing an actor flowers after a theatrical performance – but your target needn’t be a thespian to receive flowers of congratulations. Consider sending someone flowers after a promotion, move, or new relationship they’re happy about.

2. To Celebrate a Holliday

Holliday’s are an important part of our culture, often bringing together friends and family who don’t normally get to see each other. Sending someone properly colored flowers is a wonderful way to enhance the happy mood that holidays bring.

3. They’re Experiencing Grief

Flowers can be a gesture of sympathy and consolidation in hard times. Proper flower etiquette is that you send certain types of flowers that are symbolic of grief. Lillies, gladioli, red carnations, and white roses, are all flowers that stand for remembrance and sympathy.

4. They’re Recovering from a Surgery

People recovering from surgeries often have to deal with pain, boredom, and life adjustments. Sending someone flowers can help them get through this rough, isolating time.

5. They’re Having a Rough Time

Someone doesn’t need to be grieving a great loss or recovering from surgery to benefit from receiving sympathy flowers. Sending flowers to someone going through something as simple as a rough week can brighten their days.

6. Flowers Are Beautiful

One simple reason for sending someone flowers is that they just look nice. If you know someone who’s a flower lover, consider sending them flowers just because they’d love having them in their house. There are many great florists, like Phillip’s Flower Shops, that help you order monthly flowers.

7. To Say You’re Sorry

Even the best of us get into fights sometimes. Sending flowers won’t do the apologizing for you, but they can help a loved one understand that you want to mend things. A flower is a meaningful gift that can help smooth over rough times.

8. It’s Mothers Day

Mothers day is a wonderful occasion to send flowers to a mother in your life. Your mother will appreciate sending her the love and another mother in your life who’s acted as your mother figure — like a teacher or a grandmother, or — will also appreciate the gesture.

9. You Love Them

In this day and age of tinder sweeping romantic gestures have often gone out of style. But that’s no reason to fret. It just means that sending someone flowers will help you stand out from the world around you.

If you truly love someone and they love you back, send them a flower. It’s a simple, beautiful gesture that they’ll immediately understand.

Start Sending Flowers

Though the world is rapidly changing, some things stay sacred. Flowers are a symbol of beauty, sympathy, love, appreciation, and achievement that will never die.

If you care about someone, consider sending flowers today.

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