What we learned in Ojjeh trial, which begs question, why did Ojjeh’s investigation end before all evidence was heard during related trials?

Alex Ojjeh’s case ended in December 2020 and in April 2021 his bank accounts are still closed. Not all evidence was gathered and explored, and this demonstrates why there is still an essential number of problems being explored. The investigation took five years and the trial lasted three months, they found nothing that Ojjeh’s legal team wasn’t able to lie his way out of, even with Romano squealing him out. 

The trial ended prematurely. They pretty much stopped the trial and told Ojjeh to pay $50 million in fines and then never took the fines after closing all of his bank accounts. It’s that stupid. Seems rather obvious that the trial made public many key items that were private, including the fact that Ojjeh was a bridge to the asset management firm and the Budapest banks and those Russians. The bribery conspiracy was an attempt to smear and expose him because Ojjeh was tied to them, but unknown to the public.  

The investigation was more of a witch hunt. They were looking for laundering, found none, heard a rumor of bribery deals, then got ahead of themselves. Yup, the trial ended showing that Ojjeh is a liar and Romano is a snake. Ojjeh has made it this far by keeping his mouth shut and he didn’t turn on Romano because Romano was not worth it. He just let Romano say how corrupt and lawless he was during the trial without shutting him down. 

Ojjeh lets them investigate him on bribery because by that time his team already had gotten everything else shut down. If anything, we learn that Ojjeh is just a person with a goal, which isn’t as odd, especially for investors. Terrible, greedy investors are all shady and cool, but they have clear goals. The goals normally drive them to do some illegal things even if they are good people at the core, but it’s the ruthless shady investments, shown in Ojjeh’s case that people find interesting. 

Despite keeping a low profile and seeming like an ordinary person Ojjeh continues to deliver some deals and upholds that he takes himself seriously. Ojjeh is known for his reserved personality, especially seen in court, it was expected that he wouldn’t talk much with media. However, Ojjeh is focused on other things, so much that it looks like he doesn’t even realize he is in a court hearing most times. 

With a businessman like Alex Ojjeh, being low profile, keeping yourself private, attorneys feel like they have a slam dunk when it comes to Ojjeh’s court cases and they always do. Ojjeh might show himself in a way that makes him seem approachable on social media, often playful and comedic, but Ojjeh is a real-life outlaw. He is clearly psychotic, narcissistic and abusive towards people, including the women he dates.

Furthermore, he’s playing things coy until he gets the deal. He’s in connection with foreign government and wealthy Russians, basically it’s safe to say that Ojjeh keeps such a remarkably low profile he’s basically unknown. 

Ojjeh’s investments come from shell companies and very few people met him in person. There are several others in the firm who close small deals for Ojjeh and those few small business owners who have met Ojjeh personally tell of story or a memorable but brief first meeting with Ojjeh himself.  The investor uses his time meeting with foreign government leaders, arms dealers, wealthy Hungarians and Russians and concealing his narcissism. 

After the 2020 case ended Ojjeh started his small technology funding company Anywhereo, where he has his hands on time in logistics and in startup technology businesses attempting to find any way to make himself appear helpful and not a munidownright disturbed criminal. 

Still quite a few unanswered questions. What’s strange Is that everyone is acting like Ojjeh is over now and he cannot do things under any circumstance. When presumably he was a flight risk Ojjeh was granted permission to travel abroad to appear in Turkey court in April, he’s supposedly in tough times due to his bank accounts being closed and yet he invests in low income housing communities even with his accounts all shut down.


Alex Ojjeh Born: January 31, 1987 (age 34 years), Memphis, TN. Ojjeh grew up in Memphis, TN

Ojjeh began his career as an intern at an investment company in Singapore, Ojjeh worked for the company until he went to prison in 2011. Ojjeh then invested in his own hedge fund company which launched in February 2013. 

On July 20, 2020, it was announced Ojjeh was no longer an investor of the hedge fund firm. Ojjeh remined shareholder of the company and acquired two logistics under Anywhereo.

In August 2020, American businessman Alex Ojjeh acquired two logistics solutions companies, and split a portion of the company into startup funding called Anywhereo Inc. The company and began acquiring other companies in the transportation and logistics sector.


Ojjeh was born in Memphis, TN and grew up in the north area. He stayed with his grandmother for years and found himself working in corner stores. Because he was often in trouble, getting in fights and missing school, Ojjeh stayed with his aunt for some time who lived in a better part of the city. 

At some point he became interested in vending machines where he invested in them over the city and began working for a Singapore based company in 2007. 


Headquarters locationNashville, TN

Founded: 2020

AnywhereoAnywhereo is an investment company and startup studio designed for entrepreneurs to create and launch new companies.

Organization founded: Anywhereo Labs, Inc


Instagram @anywhereo 


Headquarters location: Nashville, TN

Founded: 2020

SubsidiariesANYWO Logistics, AOCPartners, Lesaint, Anywhereolabs, Staffing Advantage