How much should you be paying for Cable bills on average?

When you are shopping for cable TV or satellite TV, it surely can get your head-scratching. The reason is that every provider has its own list of cable TV plans and offers, which often leads to a huge confusion as all of them seem the same. The packages are always changing and there are different promo deals coming up every other day. Last Sunday while I was searching for Internet plans in my area, I came across a dozen of different retailers with a long list of providers. However, ‘Localcabledeals’ was one of those retailers that I found extremely helpful and easy to find the best Internet and cable TV plans. Big providers like Spectrum and AT&T have made it possible for users to get high-quality entertainment at a much reasonable price. To bring you a better understanding of cost, channel counts, and availability of providers and cable TV plans here is a look at how much you should be paying for cable TV on an average scale.

Realizing the fact that cost has always been the topmost priority for our choice of TV plans, you should be aware of the multiple options you have. You can opt for a standalone TV service or go for bundle offers. Providers like Spectrum usually allow you various bundling options where you can pair cable TV with internet or bundle cable TV, internet and phone together.

Cost of Standalone Cable TV Service

If we exclude the installation fee, set up fee, termination fee, an introductory promotional plan offers 200 plus channels at an average cost of nearly $70. However, the prices vary from location to location. There are high-quality providers whose promotional offers might have a considerable difference in terms of channel line up and cost. Nevertheless, this average can give you a clear idea about how much you can expect to pay for a standalone TV package.

Cost of Bundle TV Services

When it comes to bundled TV services, they offer a greater margin of saving money. The bundle offers to broaden your options in terms of pricing, channel choice, etc. You can pick the most suitable bundle that fulfills your requirements and pricing. The cost of a bundle offer will depend on your area. It is also a matter of choice depending on the type of bundle offer you choose. You can go for a TV and internet bundle or you can choose a TV, internet, and phone bundle.

Cable TV and Internet Bundles

It will not be wrong to say that the price of a TV subscription is usually lowered to a considerable extent if you purchase a cable TV and internet bundle offer as compared to if you go for a standalone TV subscription. However, there can be times when a bundle offer might actually be more expensive considering the channels offered per dollar.

Therefore, it is hard to drive a single conclusion as to what might be the average cost of these cable TV and internet bundle offers. But, you are likely to save around 6 to 8 dollars per month if you avail of a double play i.e. a TV and internet bundle subscription. To check for the most effective double play offer that has a greater margin of saving money, you may visit and enter your zip code to get access to all the details of providers and their plans. You will find out that providers like Spectrum offer captivating double play offers.

Cable TV, Internet, and Phone Bundles

Many cable TV providers offer triple-play bundles in one package. These triple-play packages can offer a brighter option to save money. You can expect to save as much as 8 to 10 dollars or more, per month. Another added benefit of subscribing to a triple play offer is that it may provide you more channels per dollar. You also get to enjoy a seamless internet connection and a smooth phone service.

Wrapping Up,

The aforementioned analysis gives you a clear idea of the average costs that users pay for a standalone cable TV, a double play, or a triple play offer. However, it is always recommended to do good research to find out reliable providers and their plans available in your vicinity to pick the most cost-effective option for yourself.