LG IZZ is Unstoppable!

2021 may be another year of quarantine for some, but for LG IZZ it is a year of continuous music video drops. With his newest video BEAST reaching 100,000 streams in less than one week, LG IZZ has once again delivered trendy, high quality visuals along with smooth vocals and clever punchlines. What makes LG IZZ different is his integration of pop, r&b, and hiphop all into one song, and he is not letting up. With over 50,000 subscribers on YOUTUBE, LG IZZ is growing every day. With each new drop, LG IZZ gains more and more notoriety across the U.S.A. and the world. As you scroll through the comments on his newest video, you see supporters from South Africa, Canada, and Europe, too. LG IZZ is proving to be an international hit maker and success. With the help of his manager and videographer Nick Asenjo, LG IZZ has released three music videos in 2021 thus far, and he is not stopping any time soon. All three videos have over 100,000 views, with the most viewed video almost at one million views in four months! Tune in and turn it up today!