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How Long Does It Take to Sell a House? The Typical Timeline

In 2020, over 800,000 homes were sold.

Selling your home is one of the hurdles when you’re ready to move, and sometimes it seems it may take a while. Between finding a realtor, fixing up your places, marketing, and so forth, the home selling process is multi-dimensional.

But how long does it take to sell a house, really? Is there a general timeline you should expect? On average, a house stays on the market for about two months, but is that expected for everyone?

If you’re wondering how to sell a house, here are some factors that come into place when selling.

1. Market

If you’re thinking, I want to sell my house fast, one of the things you’ll need to watch is the housing market. The market changes frequently and can be a seller’s market or a buyer’s market.

A seller’s market means there’s low inventory for the buyer, and it may take longer to find a home. A buyer’s market means the opposite: there are a lot of options available and you have more time and flexibility. The market fluctuates, so be on the lookout for a prime time to list.

2. Seasonal

The changing of the seasons is another reason why people buy. Colder months are less active than warmer months. People likely want to move in the spring and summer when school lets out and there’s time to settle.

However, this is going to depend on location and the buyer’s personal timeline and situation. Not every state has the same seasonality.

3. Location

While you can change paint colors in your home, you cannot change the location. There are some locations that are more desirable than others. If you live in a highly desirable location, chances are you might face a bidding war for your home if the market is hot.

If your location is not as desirable, there may be less interest and you’ll have to work a little bit harder with your realtor to entice buyers to come to look at your home.

4. Condition of the Home

Buyers love a home that’s move-in ready. Move-in ready means there are little to few projects to do to make the home inviting and liveable.

If your home is less-than move-in-ready, you’ll need to do some work so buyers feel the home has been well-maintained. Go through your home with your realtor as they make suggestions on how you can improve your home’s condition to prep it to list.

5. The Buyer

Selling a house fast means cooperating with the buyer as well. The buyer has situations in their life that might not align with your timeline as well. Realizing this means you must be somewhat flexible in selling.

However, as a seller, you can reject and accept any offers that come your way. But understand that things might arise with the buyer that was not foreseen.

How Long Does it Take to Sell a House?

When considering how long does it take to sell a house, a lot of factors come into play. Not all situations are the same; each is unique and should be treated as such. Take these ideas into consideration when selling.

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