Cutting Out That Photo Background Just Got Lot Easier

Is it cutting out the background or cutting out the object from the background? It is actually the later one, cutting out the object or product or actual image from the background. However, it is most commonly referred to the previous term where people say they are cutting out the image background or the background from the image. As you can see, when it comes to the cut out photo background using photoshop, the term can be confusing to some. 

The Old School Method of Removing Image Background

Removing the background from the image or image from the background is done for wide range of reasons. While the personal or non-commercial use of cut out background is somewhat limited, it is a widely used practice in the eCommerce field or commercial photography field. The entire background cut out service industry is in fact revolving around the eCommerce industry supping eCommerce business owners and commercial photographers with retouching and editing their images. 

The way it used to be done in the past and from the very beginning is with the use of an image editing application. There are wide range of photo editing and retouching applications or softwires out there to do the job. Some of the programs are free and some are commercial products that either needs to be purchased one time or on a monthly subscription basis. 

A skilled photo retouching service expert uses his or her photo editing tool, say photoshop or GIMP or Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator to cut out the background or retouch the image other ways. This is hand drawn physical way of getting the image cut out done. 

This process is time consuming, takes manual labor, requires photoshop application or other programs to perform the job. This method therefore can be costly based on the complexity of the image being worked on compared to the next methods we will discuss. 

The New Era of Online Background Removal

Online image cut out service sites are popping up these days like dime a dozen. In fact, if you perform a search for the service, you will see lot of results coming up with a good number from sites with online based services. 

With the online based image cut out service, you do not need to talk to anyone. No need to send the other person or the service provider your file in the email or via file sharing sites like Dropbox, WeTransfer, or Google Drive. You simply upload the image using online FTP protocol, select the background that needs to be cut out, follow the on-screen instruction, and withing minutes you are done with a finished image. Since there is no manual of physical intervention needed and the job is practically automated, the service provider can afford to charge a small fee for the service. There are some free services as well but how the quality of the finished images is is the question. 

Which Method to Resort To?

Which method you will use depends on your need. If you need to remove the background for your own personal purposes, you might get away with online based service. If you however are using the service for your commercial print publication that will be displayed on the retail store or product catalog or eCommerce shops, then there is no way you can get away without using professional photo retouching service and background removal.