5 Essential Commercial Roof Restoration Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

You can expect your commercial roof to last for up to 40 years if you keep it in good repair.

Ignore your roof’s troubles and you could face the huge expense of having to replace it. Thanks to the rising costs of building materials, this option is getting increasingly expensive.

Rather take these commercial roof restoration tips to heart if you want to avoid the high costs of new commercial roofing.

1. Act Fast to Save Money

Commercial flat roofing restoration is around 70% cheaper than replacing your entire roof, so it’s worth looking into.

Instead of letting the sun and rain beat down on your roof, weakening it, keep tabs on your roof so you can avoid extra expenses down the line.

UV light dries out your roof, causing it to crack. These cracks allow rainwater to access your building causing mold and damage to your infrastructure.

Roof restoration puts paid to these issues before they cause more serious problems.

2. Choosing the Right Commercial Roof Restoration

One of the most important roof restoration tips is to take your existing roof membrane into account when refurbishing a commercial roof.

There are some fantastic options available to extend the life of your roof if you choose the right one. Some solvent-based products can damage your existing roof, while others might not adhere to your roof properly.

You should also ensure that the coating system you choose doesn’t detract from your current fire ratings.

Always consult a reputable commercial roof company for advice before you make up your mind about the best option for your building.

3. Consider the Environment

Some areas have stringent requirements when it comes to roofing requirements. Some parts of the country insist on cool roofs to decrease the heat island effect and reduce the drain on the power grid.

If you have an odor-sensitive facility like a hospital or school, you must take low VOC requirements into account. Often, silicone coatings work best in these situations.

Another environmental factor to consider is water runoff. Some coatings aren’t approved for the safe collection of potable water or irrigation water. Always make sure your chosen roof coating is NSF P151 certified if you use your roof for water collection.

Going against local regulations could land you a hefty fine and an order to replace your entire roof.

4. Reflect on Your Local Climate

If you live in an area that experiences severe weather incidences, you need a roof coating that can stand up to these events.

White silicone coatings resist the sun’s glare for longer. Adding an asphalt emulsion foundation reinforced with polyester fabric can help your roof cope with hail.

5. Compare Prices

Don’t opt for the first commercial roofing company that catches your eye. Get at least three estimates from local contractors before you decide.

The main thing to consider when comparing quotes is longevity versus cost. It’s worth paying more for a roof coating or repair that will stand the test of time.

Saving Money Could Save Your Business

In these trying times, businesses need to do pull out all the stops when it comes to avoiding extra expenses. A commercial roof restoration is one way to help your business stay in the black for longer.

Would you like some more time and money-saving tips to help you tackle the future with confidence?

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