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Non-Binding And Free Offers:

Accident vehicle purchase Becker is the fastest and most convenient alternative to private car sales for you. Your vehicle will be professionally appraised and rated by our car buyers.

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Accident vehicle purchase Becker:

Accident damage can be recognized, for example, by the paintwork, hanging doors or the so-called gap dimensions of a car. Professionals can even identify accident damage on the underbody protection or the tire tread.

Even in the event of severe damage to the car, such as a total write-off, many parts can be resold through professional car recycling. 

Because of this and also many years of experience, they almost always buy accident cars (unfallwagen kaufen) at a very good price and provide you with the great offers that you don’t get from another place.

So if you have any doubts, please send them a purchase request at any time or just give them a call. Their team from Ankauf Becker accident vehicle is at your side with advice and action.

With their Germany-wide on-site service, they take care of the collection and de-registration of your vehicle. The old license plates can be returned to you on request.