5 Small Business That Can Help Tradies Grow Their Business

1. Managing Your Time 

The schedule of a small business owner is far more hectic than an employee. If you have hired employees to help with administration and management, then you can delegate various tasks to them. Otherwise, you may have to handle paperwork such as accounting, bookkeeping and creating financial statements.

Many tradie small business owners find that balancing time between work projects and operational management can be stressful. Instead of letting time get ahead of you, you can create a time management strategy. Create a list of priorities that you need to complete that day.

There are other time management strategies, such as turning to virtual assistants or business management software, to find more time for your work.

2. Website and Social Media 

While recommendations and referrals are great ways to find consistent work, how customers search for tradies is changing. A popular way for looking for tradies is through the internet. Online, potential and existing clients can see information about your business, as well as customer reviews.

Positive customer reviews can help you find more customers down the line as well. Your online brand reputation will also bring your tradie small business more customers. Creating a website for your website enables you to become more accessible to your customers. You can consider creating a ‘Query’ section on your website, where clients can mail you directly.

Social media business accounts can also help you reach out to more customers. When it comes to dealing with customers online, prompt response and consistent engagement is key. You can also create informative content about your trade and share that through blogs, podcasts, videos, and more. This will also help you build brand reputation.

3. Don’t Overdo It 

One mistake that tradie small business owners make is taking on too much work. If you haven’t hired any employees, then you have more work to do by yourself. If you have just a few employees, the same situation may apply to you. Taking on projects that you can provide quality work for can help you build a brand name.

Early on, as you’re starting your tradie business, you may not have the ability hire employees or subcontractors. You may also have to handle operations and management by yourself. There’s a lot of work you’ll need to do, which means that it’ll be easy to overwork yourself.

Instead of needing to take time off, doing as much as you can, or as much as your team can, can help you get ahead. As long as your customers like your work, they’re more likely to call your small business again.

4. Financial Management 

As a small business owner, profits are key to your success. If your tradie business isn’t making rough profit, then this can affect business longevity. As a tradie small business owner, monitoring your finances become key. If you don’t want to hire an accountant, you can consider an accounting software.

Digital tools can free up time for you and while being efficient as well. A cash flow management software can show you data, details, and analyze your income and expenditure. Paying taxes on time, ensuring profit margins are met, and monitoring income against expenditure are necessary.

5. Gain an Edge 

With the number of tradie small businesses growing, the chances of there being similar services as yours available in your neighborhood is high. If both you and your competitors ofer similar services at similar price ranges, the customer can get confused about who to pick.

You can consider providing benefits like 24/7 hours service, emergency service and others, that give your tradie small business an edge.


As a tradie small business owner, the potential for you to build an enduring business is high. You can consider various strategies, such as from using digital media to adopting digital tools.

You can also consider public liability insurance for a tradie small business owner. If you want to learn more, you can click here.


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