Tips For Choosing The Type Of Electricity Rate That Suits You Best

At present, different electricity rates coexist in the market. Each of which is configured to adapt to the different profiles of electricity users, types that are defined by consumption habits, and the power that is contracted.

Therefore, to know what type of rate is the most appropriate, whenever an electricity rate is to be contracted, it is necessary to study the consumption schedules and the contracted power, parameters that will make the user opt for a normal consumption rate or one of hourly discrimination.

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What are the hours of consumption?

Analyzing the hours in which electrical appliances such as the washing machine, the television, or the microwave are connected, it is possible to decide if a tariff of hourly discrimination or one of normal consumption is more interesting.

Normal consumption is one that implies that most of the electrical appliances work during the daytime and when the homes are busy. In this case, the best option is to choose a normal consumption rate.

If, on the other hand, most of the electricity consumption is carried out at night, either because there is no one at home during the day or because the operation of certain electrical appliances is programmed, the hourly discrimination rate is the most appropriate; yes, provided that the consumption in the cheapest hours is, at least, 40% of the total consumption.

What is the contracted power?

In a home, the most normal thing is that there are several electrical appliances connected at the same time, which will determine the power that is consumed simultaneously. 

It is quite probable that the contracted power is higher than what is needed, which will make the bill more expensive. 

Therefore, it is necessary to know what electrical equipment a home has, as well as the surface of the home and the number of occupants of it, to decide what electrical power should be hired.

Tips for choosing the most convenient electricity tariff

All the tips to choose an electricity tariff are given below.


Compare prices and services: Before hiring, you have to check all the information available and read the fine print very well to avoid unnecessary scares.

Locate possible permanence commitments: Economic commitments or penalties for cancellation of the service are economic burdens that must be taken into account before hiring.

Know the rights of the user: What to do if a commercial from an electricity company visits us at our address? Or if we get a phone call from a company with a good offer? The first thing is not to rush and ask for a document detailing all the conditions they offer in writing. If there is any point that is not clear, it is best not to accept the offer or, in the event that it is contracted and then we think better of it, there is a period of 14 days to withdraw from the contract without having to give any kind of explanation.

Compare offers: It is advisable to periodically look at the different offers that exist in the market to be aware of the variations in prices and services. This practice is highly recommended when the supplier reports on the revision of the contract prices.