Top 10 Most Popular Toyota Tacoma Accessories 2021

Top 10 Most Popular Toyota Tacoma Accessories 2021

Are you looking to upgrade your vehicle to a pickup truck? Whether you’re going for a pre-owned or brand new truck, you will never go wrong with the Toyota Tacoma Pickup.

Interestingly, it is one of the top 10 pickup trucks that dominated the American market in 2020. With over 200,000 units sold, the Tacoma outsold the Toyota Corolla compact car.

Though its built-in features may satisfy most of its buyers, different add-ons can further take its performance and aesthetic to the next level.

Continue reading below for 10 of the most popular Toyota Tacoma accessories 2021 you can add to your impressive pickup truck.

1. DECKED Drawer Boxes

Kicking off our list of the 10 most popular Toyota Tacoma accessories 2021 has to offer is the DECKED Drawer Boxes. You can integrate these boxes into your drawer system or use DECKED’s drawer system if you wish.

Coming in two colors, namely blue and tan, these drawer boxes lets you maximize drawer storage. They also help you organize your tools and give you a top-notch ergonomic advantage.

When it comes to performance, the boxes can carry up to 50lbs of items. In terms of durability, it can survive drops from normal carrying weight. This may also happen for drops coming from an open tailgate.

2. Tyger Auto Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Looking for a stylish and durable tonneau cover? Then the Tyger Auto Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover is one of the best ones out there. It uses marine-grade vinyl construction to provide top-notch protection.

To take the security of your items further, the cover comes with stainless-steel hardware and heavy-duty aluminum frames. In terms of installation, you will not have too many problems. It requires no cutting or drilling of any kind. Best of all, it comes with a competitive price tag.

3. All-Weather Floor Liners

If you want to protect your truck’s interior, you need to invest in a high-quality floor mat. You don’t need to go very far as Toyota offers their dependable, all-weather floor liners. The great thing about their floor liners is their engineering. They match your vehicle with 100% precision.

They use injection molding technology to match the original vehicle design data. Moreover, they come with two rear liners to ensure maximum coverage. It also offers skid resistance and better moisture control through its ribbed channels.

4. First Aid Kit w/PPE

With over six million vehicular accidents happening every year in the US, it is a must to have a first aid kit ready and available inside your Tacoma. Thus, you need to add one courtesy of Toyota.

Their first aid kit features all the essentials, including:

  • Stretch bandage with metal clips
  • Self-adhesive bandages
  • Sting relief pads
  • Stainless steel scissors

On top of those, the kit also comes with 4 pairs of gloves, 4 face masks, and 4 hand sanitizer packets. As for the casing, it features a PVC zipper case with water-resistant and flame-retardant capabilities.

5. Portable Battery Jump Starter

Another item you shouldn’t miss out on is the NOCO Boost Plus battery jump starter. This tool can be a life-saver during times when your truck’s battery decides to stop working.

This jump starter is handy and easy to carry around. It can give you up to 20 jump starts on a single charge. It also comes with an LED flashlight in case you’re stuck on the road at night. You can even connect your mobile devices to the device for that quick recharge.

6. Toyota Tacoma Cargo Divider

One of the gems of a Tacoma truck is its truck bed. With the amount of space it offers, it is a shame if you fail to maximize and customize it to your liking. With a Toyota Tacoma Cargo Divider, you can do exactly that.

The divider allows you to configure your truck bed and use it on various hauling jobs. Installation is easy with its full integration into your truck’s deck-rail system. It can also hold up to as much as 400 pounds of load in place.

7. Falken Wildpeak ATW All Terrain Radial

During off-road trips, you want a reliable set of tires. The Falken Wildpeak Radial Tire is one of the best ones you can bank on. The tires offer remarkable performance under extreme weather conditions.

Moreover, it can take on any terrain through its durability and traction. Best of all, they are one of the most affordable options among heavy-duty tire options.

8. Tyger Auto Front Bumper Guard

Our list will not be complete without an accessory for your Tacoma bumper. If you’re looking for an affordable way to protect your truck’s front part and take its look to the next level, then the Tyger Auto Front Bumper Guard is what you need.

It comes with a patented, heavy-duty construction and long-term rust protection. Furthermore, installation doesn’t need any cutting or drilling. All you need is to remove the front skid plate of your truck.

Its E-coating and 2.5-inch tube frame give your truck that customized, eye-catching look. Alternatively, you can weld your own bumper kit.

9. GoPro HERO Action Camera Kit

If documenting your travels is your thing, then the GoPro HERO Action Camera Kit is a must-buy. For starters, the GoPro HERO, like other GoPro cameras, is small. This means you will have no problems taking it anywhere you want during your adventures.

It also comes with a suction mount. This allows you to stick the camera inside or outside your Tacoma truck. In terms of visual quality, it captures HD videos and 20MP photos. You can even use it to broadcast live stream videos in 1080p.

10. Toyota Tacoma Security System

Last but not least is the Security System from Toyota. For starters, the system offers automatic rearming and interior light activation. It also features a panic alarm and a door-ajar warning.

If someone tries to break the windows, the system’s glass breakage sensor will activate an alarm.

Maximize Your New Toyota Tacoma Accessories 2021

Through these top Toyota Tacoma accessories 2021, you can boost your truck’s safety, performance, and appeal.  However, the demands of a camping trip and other outdoor adventures can take a toll on your accessories.

Learn how to extend the life of your accessories by reading our other articles. We share tips and tricks that will help you maximize their performance.