How to remove background from an image

Photographs and images are never complete without editing. A good designer knows the value of editing their images. Over the past decade, editing tools have come a long way. It is possible to edit a single image in so many different ways that it can actually be difficult to keep track.

However, with the increasing complexity in image editing, the software used to edit images have become equally complex. Image editing software from 20 years ago is nothing like the image editing software of today. Similarly, the plethora of tools requires years of learning to truly master and even then some people fail to grasp the basics of image editing.

This difficulty in editing images due to the ‘exclusive’ nature of popular image editing software has given rise to a new trend. Beginner’s designing tools are basic tools and software that perform simple image editing. These tools are meant as an entryway to the more complex world of image editing and a time-saving alternative when needed.

In our article today, we will discuss one such editing tool known as the background remover or background removal tool.

A background removal tool can be used to remove background from images. Essentially, this software can remove specific parts of an image’s background to make your images better. A background remover has many benefits. Here are some of them:


  • Simplifies Editing: Editing while removing an unwanted object in the background can often get messy. However, background removers simplify the process. Since the sole purpose of these tools is to remove backgrounds, they can do it better than other software.
  • Easy to Use: Background remover tools are easier to use than complete photo editing software. If you want to remove backgrounds quickly, background removers are perfect. Our recommended tool, Appy Pie Background Remover is one of the simplest software on the internet.
  • Makes your subject stand out: Background removal tools are excellent for making your subject stand out. They help cut off unnecessary fluff from image backgrounds and bring back focus onto the subject of your image.


We recommend Appy Pie’s Background remover to remove your image’s background. Reason being it is a completely online software that can be used from your browser itself. It has an intuitive user interface and a simple dashboard that makes background removal a piece of cake. Apart from that, this tool is a part of Appy Pie’s overall design suite.

Appy Pie Design is a complete online photo editing and graphic design solution that can help you edit your images with various simple software all clubbed into one complete solution.

What this means you can edit your images further if you want with their other tools without  switching between software. Try the tool today! Go ahead! Successfully remove the backgrounds from your images with ease.