Machines To Avoid Injuries Due To Overexertion In A Warehouse:

Did you know that approximately 25% of workplace accidents are caused by overexertion? It is difficult to simplify the response to this problem, however, with preventive policies, education, and the use of the appropriate machines, it is possible to avoid warehouse injuries due to overexertion, the most common and which cause the most absenteeism in warehouses. 

Do you want what it is and how to avoid overexertion? And what machines are essential in your warehouse to avoid it? Today in this article we tell you everything you need to know so, read the complete article. 

Overexertion in warehouses:

The movement and transfer of loads are one of the main functions of a warehouse, where the daily life of a worker consists of stacking, loading, or moving more or less heavy merchandise. 

These movements involve a series of musculoskeletal efforts that, if not performed correctly, can lead to injuries that can become chronic if performed repeatedly or significant trauma occurs. 

Factors that lead to overexertion injuries:

Manual handling of loads 

Forced postures 

Repeated movements 

Premature return to work in the event of sick leave due to injury 

How to prevent these injuries? 

To reduce these accidents, a joint effort must be carried out between the employer, the medical area, and the jobs. 

These efforts are based on the preventive study and the subsequent application of measures such as prevention education and, among others, greater mechanization of tasks to avoid these injuries. 

For this, it is necessary to incorporate the essential machines in every warehouse. 

       1.Lift Trucks 

They are very useful for loading and unloading trucks quickly and to avoid overexertion. 

It consists of a small motor vehicle operated by the worker, the machine has in its front part forks that can be raised up to several meters in height to take whole pallets. 

  1. Benches and scissor carts:

This machine consists of a work platform that can be positioned at the desired height and even support tons. 

What and where is it used for? Mainly in the loading and unloading docks, to place it at the height of the truck and thus carry out the task more comfortably. 

  1. Pallet trucks:

It is one of the most popular -and important- machines in warehouses since it allows moving the load from one place to another, of course, a short distance from the ground since it does not allow lifting the load like forklifts. 

  1. Transport trolleys:

They are used to transport tools or packages without having to load them or to access places where pallet trucks or forklifts do not fit, such as narrow aisles in warehouses. 

  1. Hydraulic stackers 

They are used to take advantage of storage space and stack cargo safely.  

As you will see, overstrain in warehouses can be minimized or eliminated thanks to the incorporation of these basic machines for handling and transporting merchandise.   Some machines, which will optimize working time and avoid injuries due to overexertion or to workers.