Let Your Engine Speak: Are Aftermarket Exhaust Systems Worth It?

Let Your Engine Speak: Are Aftermarket Exhaust Systems Worth It?

You want to make an impression when you pull up to your local watering hole, don’t you?

You got a fresh cut, put on your best outfit, and washed your wheels. Still, something’s missing. What could it be?

Just as you get into the car, turn it on and drive away, it hits you—that missing element right under your seat. You need one of the best aftermarket exhaust systems money can buy.

Why do you need a new exhaust, you ask, keep reading to find out.

Types of Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

There are a few types of systems that you can put on your vehicle: the cat-back, header-back, and axle-back.

These three systems differ in what they replace under the car and how much additional power they give. Let’s give a brief overview of each type of system.

Starting with the header-back system.

The header-back is exactly what it sounds like. It replaces all of your exhaust components from the headers to the tip. One of the key benefits of choosing a header-back system is customization.

Since you’re swapping out everything under the vehicle, you can do things like pick a larger diameter. Since these systems do replace so much, they are often more expensive and time-consuming to install.

Next is the cat-back system. The cat-back system offers many benefits and is going to run you a lot less than the header-back. A cat-back will typically swap out the original muffler and tailpipe for the aftermarket pieces.

Some benefits to opting for a cat-back over a full exhaust overhaul are the cost and ease of installation.

The final type of exhaust system is the axle-back.

The axle-back system only swaps out the exhaust components from the rear axle to the exhaust tip. Of course, that means that it is the most wallet-friendly exhaust system.

However, because there aren’t many parts replaced, it means you may not get a substantial power gain.

Advantages of Replacing Your Exhaust

Out of the many reasons you may be considering swapping out your exhaust, power and sound are the biggest.

When you’re looking to add some power to your rig, there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of system. We’ll explain some of the advantages of adding any aftermarket exhaust system will make.

As mentioned earlier, power is a top reason to add a new exhaust to your vehicle. Stock exhaust systems aren’t always manufactured to provide the most performance, so swapping out should get you some added horsepower.

If you’re looking for the best exhaust to get you added horsepower, check out the Borla Exhaust systems.

Another benefit to making the replacement is the sound the aftermarket systems produce. Most OEM exhaust systems don’t produce the sound that turns heads when you drive by or that deep rumble when you start the car.

Replacing the stock parts allows you to fine-tune your desired sound. Giving you the control to find the sound profile you desire.

Power, Sound, Efficiency

As you can see, any of the aftermarket exhaust systems you put in your ride will give you advantages. Who doesn’t want power, a pleasing roar, and more efficient exhaust systems?

It’s a no-brainer when you’re looking for a quick improvement to your car or truck. Grab a new exhaust system. Feel free to browse around the rest of our vehicle section for our latest tips.