6 Educational TV Shows That You Kids Will Actually Love

6 Educational TV Shows That You Kids Will Actually Love

Did you know that 2 out of 5 kids under the age of 8 have their own tablets? If your child has their own device and you want to make sure that they are watching educational TV shows rather than random videos, we are here to help. We have compiled this list of the best educational TV shows for kids.

Keep reading to learn the top TV shows for kids.

1. Veggietales

If you want your children to learn some lessons from the Bible then this TV show might be right up your alley. This series has fruits and vegetable characters retelling Christian stories from the Bible. There are also silly songs that kids love in every episode.

In the opening scenes, there is a moral issue presented which is then addressed throughout the episode. You can click here to watch the series if you’re ready for all things Veggietales.

2. Sesame Street

This show has been around since 1969 and it is still going. It is not only educational but also entertaining and teaches a diverse audience of kids from around the world. Sesame Street covers difficult topics in a way that children can understand.

You can find episodes discussing everything from racism to death to grief to 9/11, etc.

3. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger is a great show when it pertains to social-emotional development. Kids learn to deal with things like anger, frustrations, and differences in family types. For new parents trying to teach their kids things like potty training or brushing their teeth, you might want to enlist help from Daniel Tiger and his family.

4. Wild Kratts

This educational show has the Kratt brothers teaching kids how our world is shaped by the animal kingdom. Children learn about things like the life cycle, the food chain, and about prey and predators.

They also encourage kids to work together to not destroy habitats for the animals in the future.

5. Super Why!

This is a great show to teach kids about books and stories. It is a perfect way to encourage little ones to problem solve while teaching them letters and sounds recognition. The motto of the show is “reading is power” and they definitely drive the point of how fun reading is, in every episode.

6. Little Einsteins

This show takes kids on fun adventures with their sidekick Rocket. They explore things like cultures and nature and work as a team to solve challenges that come their way. This show will have you and your kids singing their catchy classical music featured in each show or even their theme song.

Which of These Educational TV Shows Will You Have Your Child Watch?

We hope that now that you have our top list of educational TV shows for your child or children, you can make an informed decision on which ones you will allow them to watch.

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