How End of Lease Cleaning Can Help Keep Your Property Clean

Moving out or end of lease cleaning professionals will usually charge a standard flat rate ranging from $ 200 for small one-bedroom units to over $ 1000 for large homes. However, just why do you need end of lease or move out cleaners? If you live in an apartment building and have small children, chances are the building manager is aware of the problems with the carpets and the walls but feels it would be too much hassle to get everyone out for a clean sweep. On the other hand, if you live in a large residential home or commercial property, you may have already tried this solution with no success and now think about moving in.


End of Lease Cleaning is when the property owner (landlord) and the property lessee (borrower) came to an agreement to clean the premises for each other in exchange for a regular bond back payment. This is usually agreed upon in the lease itself and the bond back amount is often several weeks’ salary or more in the case of large commercial properties. End of lease cleaning is done by a trained and qualified professional end of lease cleaners who have received specialist training in carpets and wall to wall dusting and removal. Typical cleaning tasks include cleaning of living quarters floors, bathroom walls, kitchen walls, and stair cases, cleaning windows, repairing leaks, repainting, removing moulds, wallpaper restoration and re-staining carpets and replacing carpets where necessary.



It’s important to hire a well-trained and thorough cleaning service. Not only should they be experienced in the use of cleaning products and machinery but also be able to provide effective direction, advice, and assistance. The end of lease cleaning company should also have the latest equipment and technology, with the latest truck mounted carpet cleaning machines. The end of lease cleaning Canberra service should have experienced technicians and they should have excellent communication skills. They should work with a friendly, reliable, and helpful staff that will cater to your individual needs and requests throughout the lease period.


Carpet cleaning and polishing are another chore that should be delegated to a reputable end of lease cleaning company. Carpets in the home are exposed to numerous external elements including dirt, grit, dust, rain, bird poop, cigarette smoke, and food spills. Regular vacuuming can help remove some of this material but it can also cause small holes which attract more dirt. A thorough end of lease cleaning company will be able to clean mirrors, glass surfaces, upholstery, baseboards, cupboards, and basements using the best possible products and techniques. The floors should be vacuumed and polished to remove loose soil and to improve the general appearance of the property. The windows and door tracks should be thoroughly examined to remove dirt and debris that can easily penetrate the walls and into the room below.


Many people end up with damaged drawers in their home because the drawers are not maintained. The drawer liners that attach to the top and side of the drawers can be damaged by scratching from fingernails, chipping, or even tiny little plastic bits left behind by little children.


End of lease companies can often refurbish damaged drawer liners to restore the drawers to their former function and look. The baseboards and cupboards will also need to be vacuumed and dusting dusted to ensure the wall and floors are properly maintained.


Periodic professional cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens is important. Spills on counter tops, sinks, and floors can stain clothing and spread germs if not removed immediately. Even tiny food particles left over from meals can leave stains that are very hard to remove. A diligent end of lease cleaning company will use a variety of chemicals and techniques to eliminate stains, grease, and dirt from surfaces.


Some homeowners prefer to contract with end of lease cleaning companies to get quotes for the total cost. Other homeowners prefer to do the work themselves and then get estimates from at least two or three local cleaners. The prices charged by end of lease cleaning companies do vary but depend largely on the services provided. Hiring cleaners to completely tear out and replace furniture and appliances can cost more than simply doing a few pulls on drawers and cabinets.


When homeowners choose to pay for the job in full, they will often find that the total cost is lower           than if the job was done by a general contractor. There are often bond requirements for full service, but all cleaners are required to get a state issued bond. Anyone without a bond can usually be turned down by landlords if they plan to do any work on the house after the lease has expired. Some types of general contractors may offer a bond that can be used by other residential cleaning or mopping services as well. An added benefit is that non-maintenance services do not have to be reported to the landlord as they are performed under a contract for specific time frames.  For Canberra end of lease clean, consider hiring a professional company such as Advanced Bond Cleaning.


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