Things to Consider When Choosing a Tuition Centre

There are over 1,000 tuition and enrichment Centres in Singapore which means you as a parent have lots of options. Some questions to consider when searching for a tuition Centre and an O Level Economics tutor are: 


  • What type of tutoring setting is best for my student? 


Many tuition Centres may offer more than one type of tutoring setting for you to choose from. These settings include group tuition, online tuition, or one on one private tuition. This will also determine the class size that your student will be in. Group tuition classes can range anywhere from 2 or 3 to 30 students. Private or in home tuition classes will typically be one on one. Think about which type and group size will suit the Economics needs of your student best. 


  • What qualifications do the Centre and their tutors meet?


You want to guarantee that your student is being tutored by a qualified Economics tutor. Make sure that the tuition Centre is registered with MOE first. Also, look at the qualifications of the individual tutor. Many tuition Centres require their tutors to be MOE/NIE Trained teachers. This ensures that they are only hiring quality teachers. You can also look to see if the tutor has previously been or currently is a Economics teacher. 


  • Do they have multiple locations? Is one close to me?


If the tuition Centre you are considering is part of a chain, then it is likely that they will have multiple locations. This is important to consider because you want to make sure that you have easy access to the tuition Centre. Look for one that is close or a convenient distance from your home. 


  • Does the Centre offer make up sessions?


On occasion, your student may have to miss a session for health or personal reasons. You want to ensure that the Centre allows make-up lessons just in case. You also should ask about commitment periods. Find out how long you will be committed to working with the tutor of your choosing and also ask about notice periods for termination, just in case the tutor turns out to not be the right fit. 


  • What materials or curriculum does the Centre provide or use?


Lots of tuition Centres provide their own in-house created Economics material and notes for students. Many of these Centres also have access to a compilation of Economics questions, notes, and materials from the top schools. Some Centres may even provide original Economics curriculum outside of the school Economics syllabus. 


  • Do they offer a free or discounted trial lesson? 


In order to ensure that you are getting the best fit for your student, check and see if the tuition Centre offers a trial or discounted first lesson. This is a great way for you to make sure that you and your student are well matched with a tutor. 


  • How much can or will I as the parent be involved?


Parent involvement at some Centres may be very limited to only pick up and drop off. You want to know if you will have access to speak to your student’s Economics tutor directly, not just getting updates from the Centre. You want and need to be knowledgeable on your students progress and the tutor will know this best. 

Always keep in mind when you are searching for a tuition Centre to work with, that the work being done should add value to a students Economics education, not just add more work.