These Are the Essential Drummer Accessories You Need

These Are the Essential Drummer Accessories You Need

Being a drummer is an expensive and time-consuming hobby. Not only do you need to practice for hours, but you also need to buy the right kinds of drummer accessories.

With so many gadgets out there aimed at drummers, it’s easy to inadvertently waste your money on unnecessary trinkets. This article lists some of the most important drumming accessories that you can buy.

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A Metronome

For a drummer, a metronome is one of the most vital pieces of hardware that you can own. In any band, it’s your responsibility as the drummer to keep the band in time. If the drummer doesn’t play in time, the band simply won’t sound good.

To avoid this, you always need to be playing the drums with a metronome. A metronome makes a click or beeping sound to a set BPM. This lets you practice playing along to it.

The ideal scenario is that you can keep time so well that you become the human metronome for the band. The only way you can do this is to practice often using a metronome.

If you can’t play in time, there are no drummer accessories that can possibly help you.

Hearing Protection

Drummers are frequently exposed to unsafe noise levels. Just being behind a drum kit and playing at a reasonable volume exposed you to more noise levels than is recommended.

Thankfully, there are plenty of drumming accessories that could help you. For instance, you might consider wearing earplugs. These range from cheap, mass-produced versions to expensive musicians’ earplugs.

You might also consider using drummers headphones. These are useful if your band relies on playing to a click or backing track live.

A Practice Pad

Not everyone has the luxury of having a full drum set at home. The good news is that you can rely on practice pads if you want to do some quiet practicing.

Another good thing about practice pads is that they don’t take up much space. Obviously, they’re not totally silent, but they should be quiet enough to let you get a practice session in an apartment.

Resonance Pads

One of the big problems that drummers face is resonance. Do you ever hear a ringing tone when you hit your snare or toms? This is called resonance, and it’s unlikely to be appreciated by your sound engineer or bandmates.

Thankfully, there is a solution. Resonance pads are small gel pads that you put on your snare or toms. This should help to cut down on the ringing and improve your overall drum sound.

No drummer should go into the studio without some resonance pads available.

The Best Drummer Accessories

As you can see, learning to play in time and protecting your hearing is a vital part of being a drummer.

Sure, there are a lot more expensive gadgets on the market. But without being able to play in time and hear properly, none of it means anything.

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