How Photo Editing Service Adds to the Total Cost of Product Marketing

When it comes to calculating the total cost of product marketing, there are many things get factored in. We are not talking about the total cost production here. Product is entirely a different department of the total cycle. A company must have a product to sell. Now that they have the product, there comes the need for the marketing that effectively positions the product in front of the potential buyers. Only a proper product positioning will ensure successful product sale. Among so many things that contribute to the total cost of product marketing, photo editing service is one of them that cannot be undermined.

Why Photo Editing is Added to the Total Cost of Marketing?

Photo editing is a post-production process. Once a product is manufactured, there comes the need for product photography so that the product can be added to the online store fronts. It is the product images that makes or breaks the sale. If the customers are not happy with what they see, they will not hesitate a second to hit the browser back button to go visit some other seller.

There is an old saying, first impression is the best impression. When it comes to product marketing, it is even more merciless. In the world of eCommerce, first impression is the only impression. If you didn’t make the sale with first impression, you don’t have a second chance. Buyers will go somewhere else to buy where they see it fit.

For this very reason, professional photo editing is needed to spice up things. It is the photo editing that gives the product a finished look. Without proper photo editing, a product is still is the production phase as if it’s not finished yet. Producing the product is one thing and giving it the shine focusing on the details is another. It is the finishing touches that makes the product sell.

Since the photo editing is very much needed in order to make a sale, it is therefore considered as a part of product marketing cost.

How Much Ghost Mannequin Service Adds to the Cost of Marketing?

Take ghost mannequin service for example. This is a very much needed service for fashion industry. While some major players and top dogs use male and female models for respective clothing items, some brands and resellers end up using ghost mannequin service as an effective alternative.

There are two types of costs that are associated with ghost mannequin service. Forst part is the actual photography related cost. A commercial photographer will shoot the product photo keeping in mind that the fishing outlook will be a ghost mannequin photography. Second part is the actual editing job that is done by a ghost mannequin service provider.

Depending on who is doing the job and where they are offering their services from, cost can vary widely. It is however a common practice to outsource such services to offshore service providers. Offshore service providers charge somewhere between two to five dollars to edit a single ghost image depending on the complexity.