The Benefits of Choosing Enclosed Auto Shipping When Shipping a Car

Transporting a car from one place to another doesn’t always involve driving it yourself. Maybe you’re moving. Maybe you’re preparing for a car show. There are plenty of reasons you may need to transport a car with the help of professional auto shippers one day.

You have to make a decision in these circumstances: Should you opt for open or enclosed auto shipping?

Although there are certainly instances when it makes sense to choose open auto shipping (such as when you’re on a fairly tight budget), enclosed shipping offers many essential benefits worth considering when choosing between these two options. They include the following:


As the name implies, open auto shipping involves shipping your vehicle on an open trailer, typically with several other vehicles. This naturally involves some degree of risk. When your vehicle is exposed on an open trailer, the elements, debris, and other hazards could cause damage.

While most reputable auto shipping companies offer some insurance to cover various types of damage your vehicle may sustain, even if the insurance covers the cost of repairs, you may still be unable to use your vehicle for a period of time if it’s damaged while being shipped to a new destination. If you’re shipping it in preparation for a car show or similar event, you might also no longer be able to display it, as the damage could be cosmetic.

This is among the chief reasons some car owners choose to ship their vehicles in enclosed trailers. A car is simply less likely to sustain damage with an enclosed trailer offering greater protection.

Cars can also arrive at their destinations somewhat dirty when shipped on open trailers. If you’d rather not spend additional time cleaning your vehicle when it arrives, you might prefer enclosed shipping.


Many car owners who choose enclosed shipping do so in part because they’re shipping luxury vehicles that could attract the attention of vandals or thieves. A car being shipped on an open trailer is exposed for all to see. That’s of course not the case when a car is shipped in an enclosed trailer. As such, enclosed shipping involves less risk of a car attracting attention from potential criminals.

Improved Service

The team at any strong car shipping company should strive to offer all customers the high-quality service they deserve. That said, when a customer chooses enclosed shipping over open shipping, they’re typically offered a “white glove” service that’s superior to the treatment they might otherwise receive in various critical ways.

For example, the driver shipping a car in an enclosed trailer usually isn’t shipping multiple vehicles, as they would be if a car was stacked on an open trailer. Because they’re only serving one customer at a time, they can provide said customer with individualized attention. In general, drivers and team members responsible for handling enclosed shipping jobs also tend to have more experience and training in regard to protecting luxury vehicles.

Essentially, enclosed shipping offers customers greater peace of mind. Again, while open shipping may still be an entirely reasonable option when you can’t justify spending the extra money to ship your vehicle in an enclosed trailer, if the added cost isn’t a major deterrent, you should strongly consider how the benefits of enclosed shipping outweigh the financial advantages of open shipping. These are merely a few examples of those benefits.