5 Key Things to Look For When Buying a Used Car

5 Key Things to Look For When Buying a Used Car

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to buy a car, wait no longer. Your car goals should not get placed on hold any longer. Consider the option of buying a used car.

But don’t go into a used car dealership without doing your homework first. Here are 5 things to look for when buying a used car.

1. Find Something Within Your Budget

Before shopping for a used car, set a realistic budget for yourself. The expenses of buying a used car include the price, vehicle registration, and car insurance. Be prepared if you need a car loan or other financial aid to cover the purchase price.

Some used cars need immediate maintenance or repair. Make certain to keep cash on hand for unforeseen costs. Don’t put your entire life savings into one used car purchase.

2. Consider the Vehicle History

Check the vehicle’s history. For peace of mind, request a car history report. Using its VIN, get a detailed record of the car’s damages, maintenance, and recall information.

The car dealership or private owner may have some information. But a vehicle history report reveals ownership, title status, and accident history. It also lets you confirm the odometer reading, which car lots sometimes manipulate.

3. Think About Vehicle Features

There’s more than one suitable used car out there for you. Consider the features you need first then list other conveniences you’d like. Now compare how well the available used cars meet your needs.

Car shopping can be stressful but it’s important you compare many cars at a reliable dealership. Compare the prices of viable options, along with each car’s age, mileage, and general condition. Feel confident you’re buying the right car for you.

4. Be Comfortable With the Design

A test drive gives you an opportunity to gauge your comfort level with a car. Check for blind spots when driving and parking the car. Test the car’s acceleration and brakes, and listen for any unusual noises.

Test how the car handles driving conditions on back roads, city streets, and highways. Buying a new car doesn’t mean you have to compromise comfort and style. If your car goals include a reliable used car, view here for more options than you’ve had up to now.

5. Consider the Warranty Coverage

Always check the car’s Buyers Guide for warranty information. Some dealers attempt to sell used cars “as is,” indicating no seller liability. Whether the car’s listed with a warranty or you negotiate one as part of the deal, make sure it’s reflected in the Buyers Guide.

The absence of a written warranty doesn’t release the dealer of implied warranties on your used car. As such, the vehicle must turn on and serve its intended purpose. If not, your dealer should accept the return of your vehicle or pay for the repairs.

What Are Your Car Goals?

The perfect used vehicle awaits. Make your search easier by looking for these 5 things when shopping for a used car. Your car goals are within reach.

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