Taking a Look at the Future of the Mobile Gaming Industry

Taking a Look at the Future of the Mobile Gaming Industry

Previously, whenever serious conversations around video games pop up, it would tend to focus on those with gaming PCs and consoles, leaving mobile users in the cold. But, as technology has improved and the market has grown, mobile games have become a force to reckon with. After all, they pull in millions of users who otherwise wouldn’t pick a video game up.

With this rise in customer count comes the need to analyze and predict. How do you know where the mobile game market’s going?

Well, that’s where we come in. Here’s our guide to predicting the future of the mobile gaming industry! So without further ado, let’s hit that start button.

The Mobile Gaming Industry Catches Up to Consoles

The first big trend in mobile gaming is a technological push to let smartphones compete with consoles and PC’s on a more even scale. As the processors in smartphones grow more powerful, developers can give mobile games better graphics, as illustrated by higher-end games like Genshin Impact.

The introduction of 5G internet will also give mobile gaming a boost. This network can support more devices and reduce latency, a critical feature for games with online multiplayer. This helps mobile games stand up to their PC counterparts, as smartphones lack the manual Internet connections (like Ethernet) available to a PC.

It’s also worth noting that the game engines many mobile games run on (like Unity) are also receiving constant tune-ups and improvements. This helps them to compete with the big engines console developers have (like Unreal Engine).

Attracting the Big Names

One of the main reasons people didn’t take mobile gaming seriously was its game library. This is due to both the more casual nature of mobile games (think the low intensity of Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds) combined with the propensity for mobile gaming stores to get inflated with cheap, ad-riddled knockoffs of popular games.

However, big-name studios are starting to come knocking at mobile gaming’s door.

Popular franchises like Fortnite and Pokémon already came over. Other major series like Diablo look to make their first forays into the mobile gaming world soon. Developers also continue to refine mobile emulators, allowing you to play classic games of yesteryear on your phone.

Game Streaming Services

Another trend in mobile gaming will stem from the introduction of cloud services with mobile gaming. This allows users to access a vast library of games from online servers for a set monthly fee. Thus, this removes the need to store games on your device as well as purchase individual games.

Combined with the introduction of 5G, this will allow the types of games mobile phones can play to expand. So, you’ll start seeing higher-end games with bigger audiences.

Like this site states, streaming services do carry downsides that alienate fans of the free-to-play model (like the price tag). However, the increased power and audience these streaming services provide will reshape how online gaming occurs on mobile phones. This is especially notable regarding the e-sports scene, which requires vast audiences and quick connections to thrive.

The Future Looks Bright

And there you have it! Now that you know about the future of the mobile gaming industry, you’re ready to sit back and watch the market thrive! And if you’re looking for more information on the future of technological markets, make sure to check out the other posts on our blog!