What Are the Best Types of Wheels for Off-Road Trips?

What Are the Best Types of Wheels for Off-Road Trips?

Are you itching to go on a long road trip?

If you’re planning for an off-road trip, it’s best to have the perfect wheels to avoid hassles along the way. Before you leave for your destination, you need to ensure that your wheels can handle the rough road. Using the wrong wheels on difficult terrains can put you at risk of accidents.

Not sure where to start looking for off-road wheels? Here’s a list of the best wheels for an off-road trip!

Moto Metal – MO962

Moto Metal’s MO962 is perfect for an off-road trip. It’s a type of alloy wheel secured with eight lug nuts.

They offer it in different sizes with their corresponding bolt pattern, backspace, and offset. Its backspace and offset fits the ideal features on an off-road wheel. Besides giving a stylish look to your car, it is lightweight, which makes it easier to maneuver.

Vision – Soft 8

Despite its name, Soft 8 consists of some of the best materials for off-road driving. It’s a steel wheel made to bear harsh beating from rough terrain.

The best feature of a steel wheel is its durability, and with that, you don’t need to worry when you’re on a rough road. Its diameter ranges from 15 to 17, perfect for terrains because there is more sidewall. Soft 8 also offers a sleek, glossy black finish.

Method – MR702

The 702 is a one-piece alloy wheel with T6 heat treatment. According to a study, T6 heat treatment strengthens the alloy.

The tire bead is strong to be able to hold an extreme side load and lower air pressure. The wheels measure 17×8.5 with a backspacing of 4.75” and +0mm offset and have a load rating of 2,650 pounds.

KOKO Kuture – Kapan

Giovanna Wheels made KOKO Kuture, and one of their rims is the Kapan. The Kapan is a one-piece alloy, which makes it heat-resistant and lightweight.

The difference of Kapan from all other rims is its deep concave feature. A concave wheel can hold up on rough trails without cracking. Besides adding a luxurious look to your truck, it is durable as well.

Koko Kuture wheels are available in chrome, glossy black, and silver. If you want to see how it would look on your car, check out this resource.

RBP – 71R Avenger

The Rolling Big Power wheels are of high-quality aluminum alloy. It can stand up to any landscape.

The 71R Avenger is one of the best off-road wheels for trucks. Wheel sizes range from 20 to 22. These wheels have a 6-inch backspacing, and an offset up to -25mm.

Upgrade Your Wheels Today

Durable and lightweight wheels are key for a perfect off-road trip. To avoid accidents and make the most out of your trip, make sure to use the right wheels for the job.

Looking to make more vehicle upgrades? Getting new wheels is only the beginning. Check out our other blog posts for more vehicle upgrade ideas.