5 Tips For Choosing Your Voice Data Network Structured Cabling Provider:

Whether it’s your cabling renovation or an initial installation, choosing voice data cabling provider for the correct network installation is critical. 

Cabling is a dynamic and constantly evolving system that can cause about 70% of the problems of intermittence, loss of data packets, slowing down of systems, among others. 

Although it sounds simple, the installation process does not just involve hiring someone to lay or pull the cables and take them from point A to point B. 

For the process to be successful it is important to have an expert supplier and therefore it is essential to know how to choose one.

Choose An Expert Structured Cabling Team, Not Just An Experienced Installer:

The success of your cabling and the installation of a voice, data, cctv or Wi-Fi network will depend on a clean execution, which begins with the design process and concludes with the certification of your cabling. 

Choose a provider that has a multidisciplinary team, that will consider not only the practical. But also strategic aspects of your cabling, that considers the eventualities and current and future infrastructure needs of your company and that presents you with a proposal designed to be dynamic. 

Keep in mind that if your network is not scalable and dynamic you will have saved some money in your first installation but you will be guaranteeing an extra cost in the future.

Ask Him For Photos Or Videos Of His Past Work:

Nothing speaks better of a supplier than their work. Ask for images or videos of previous installations, this will allow you to see how much attention to detail your supplier pays, the type of materials that they use and the quality of the installations. In this matter the eigpro is best option you can also visit their website to know more about them. 

See What Other Customers Have To Say:

Thanks to social networks it is easy to interact with customers and suppliers very early in the purchase process. 

Visit the social networks of your suppliers and see what other customers have said, a satisfied customer is the best cover letter that a supplier can have and today, social networks are a great alternative to find information.  

Ask Tirelessly:

Your provider should be willing to give you information, explain, and assist you in the decision process. 

Choosing the correct cabling is the necessary foundation for your entire IT infrastructure to function. 

Your supplier must be able to explain the reason for a decision in your proposal and let you know why it is the best option and the alternatives it can offer you, without leaning towards a specific manufacturer or specific solution, which does not necessarily meet your needs. 

The Brand, If It Matters, Choose Your Supplier Based On The Materials You Use:

Although there are many options for materials and brands on the market, it is important that when choosing your supplier, you use high-quality materials. 

Once your supplier has given you a proposal, review the materials that they are offering you and what qualification they have in the market, low quality materials have a lower capacity and a shorter useful life, generating problems at the service level, loss of packages and slowing down of its systems in the medium and long term. 

When it’s time to install or upgrade your voice, data, cctv, Wi-Fi, IOT network cabling or you finding a commercial AV solution then the eigpro is the best place for you.