What Does a Hot Work Fire Watch Guard do?

A hot work fire watch guard is in charge of keeping an eye on a job site, assessing risks, and responding quickly in an emergency. Hot work fire watch is necessary at locations that include hot work (welding, cutting, etc.) to prevent accidents and fire breakouts that might result in loss of life and property damage. Before any hot job can begin, skilled fire watch guards must undertake a risk assessment.

The Requirements and Responsibilities of a Hot Work Fire Watch Guards

Hot Work Fire Watch Guard Requirements

  • For open-flame hot work or anytime Operations demands one due to local conditions, a Fire Watch is essential.
  • Fire Watches must wear a vest as their outermost clothing to identify themselves as fire watchers.
  • The Fire Watch must have a fire extinguisher and/or a water hose that is appropriate for the situation. The type of extinguisher will be determined by the Hot Work permit. Shut off the job and alert your supervisor if you believe there is a problem with the sort of extinguisher or fire hose you have.
  • To detect and extinguish any smoldering fires, Fire Watches must remain on-site for at least a half-hour following the conclusion of hot work, during breaks, and after hours if needed.

Hot Work Fire Watch Guard Responsibilities

  • Keep an eye on the hot work and the surrounding surroundings.
  • Maintain line-of-sight to the hot work being observed. A fire watch may keep an eye on many hot work activities as long as they are visible and unobstructed under a 30 ft. radius. Have extra fire-watches if there is no line-of-sight or if the distance is greater than 30 feet. Fire Watches on both sides of a wall or vessel shell may be required during construction.
  • Firefighting items should be in your hands or within arm’s reach. For fire watch responsibilities, do not use or rely on the fire extinguishers on the Operating Units.
  • Before beginning the hot task, inspect the extinguishing equipment — Check for operability, discoloration, corrosion, or wear on connectors, hydrants, hoses, extinguishers, or other components. Make sure the pressure is correct and the tag is up to date.
  • To lessen the risk of igniting, wet down places where combustibles may be present.
  • Ascertain that containment and barricading are adequate for controlling slag and sparks.
  • At all times, ensure that a 4 gas meter is present at the hot job. Hot work must be stopped off if LEL readings vary (beyond meter “drift”) or the meter goes into alert.
  • Extinguish flames only when they are small enough to be handled with the fire extinguisher equipment you have on hand. Before attempting to put out a fire, call your site’s emergency response number.
  • All fires must be reported to the site emergency operations center, including flash fires.
  • Unauthorized hot work should be stopped (and should not be started).
  • Perform no additional chores that could conflict with your core responsibilities as a Fire Watcher.

Why One Should Hire Hot Work Fire Watch Guard?

Hiring hot work fire watch guards in Los Angeles might make a significant impact. Their work is critical in ensuring the safety of both persons and property. However, finding credible, experienced security providers is not always straightforward.

Hiring a hot work fire watch guard ensures the safety of your property as well as your personnel.