The Dead Sea What To See And Ein Bokek The Best Place To Bathe

DEAD SEA WHAT TO SEE AND EIN BOKEK The best place to bathe in the Dead Sea It seems incredible to have been able to visit the Dead Sea, for me, bathing in the waters of the Dead Sea has been another traveling dream come true.
It is sad to think that such a unique ecosystem could disappear in a few decades. Scientists estimate that the water level drops by almost one meter per year. A situation that could cause that, in less than half a century, one of the most iconic spots on the planet has completely disappeared. Fortunately, however, several governments have agreed to take action. But what are you waiting for to visit the Dead Sea Tours?


The Dead Sea owes its name to the fact that its waters are six to seven times saltier than the rest of the oceans. After passing the “Sea Level” sign, keep driving down the mountain until you see the cobalt blue waters of the Dead Sea, lined with white saline deposits, reddish cliffs, and tufts of dark green vegetation.
At the Ein Gedi oasis, you can hike through steep canyons to crystal clear pools and waterfalls before climbing to the Judean desert plateau or down to the coast for a brackish and invigorating swim. To the south, on Mount Sodom, activities such as cycling through dry riverbeds await.
Due to its great salinity, the existence of aquatic animals is impossible. The high combination of momerañes and trace elements of the Dead Sea mud has therapeutic and rejuvenating properties. The Dead Sea has such high salinity that it prevents a human being from sinking into its waters naturally.
Spin, spin, let the flow take you, look for salt balls, read a book, take selfies, smear yourself in mud… but what I didn’t expect is that my whole body would sting and my body would be oily. But, without a doubt, an unforgettable experience. I remember the intense golden color of the sand, a color that I have never seen how special it is.
Ein Bokek the best place to stop and bathe in the waters of the Dead Sea. There is a public beach where you do not have to pay and it is full of Westerners but still not very crowded. A wonder to disconnect!


The best option to go to the Dead Sea is to rent a car and take a road trip. The way to be liberated to stand at the point you want and the time you need. A trip made to measure and with total freedom.
If you leave from Jerusalem, it will be a quick and short journey, since it is approximately 1: 30h on the way. In the blink of an eye, you leave the Jerusalem souk to swim in the Dead Sea. It seems incredible right?
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