4 Reasons Pressure Washing Insurance Should Be Your Next Purchase

If you are a handyman or any other type of contractor who uses a pressure washer as part of their work, it’s well worth considering pressure washer insurance.
Getting an insurance policy that’s specifically tailored to cover the most common issues that arise from pressure washing means that you can have complete peace of mind in knowing that you are covered if the worst happens.

It’s surprisingly easy to cause damage

If you are working in a garden with concrete or other hardscapes, they can often really benefit from going over with a pressure washer. 
Things like oil, grease, algae, and mold can stain hardscaping, and it can’t be removed with a broom or other lighter cleaning methods. Pressure washing is a popular choice when faced with these hard to shift stains, and they really can do a good job.
However, it’s also possible to cause damage to your paving with a pressure washer. Accidentally choosing the wrong nozzle, the wrong level of pressure, or not fully understanding just how powerful a pressure washer can be is easily done, and with the strength of power available from a pressure washer, you can easily damage the property. There are plenty of horror stories out there about stripping off paint, damaging concrete slabs, and even causing injuries. 
A particularly common issue is accidentally damaging the mortar between paving slabs and leaving a visible mark. This is particularly common when slabs are less than a year old.
A good insurance policy will cover you for any damage caused so that you won’t be left out of pocket.

You can claim for medical expenses

If you accidentally cause an injury to your customer or a member of their family, an insurance policy will protect you from having to cover potentially very expensive medical bills.
Pressure washers can cause bruising, eye injuries, and even punctures if used incorrectly. Even if you are very experienced, it only takes one moment of misjudgment or someone getting in your way when you least expect it, and an injury can be caused.
Having an insurance policy that allows you to claim medical expenses means that you can cover the medical bills without putting your business at risk by going through expensive litigation procedures.

You’ll be covered for advertising harm or slander

The pressure washer policy from pressure washing insurance also covers things like advertising harm or slander.
For example, if you were to use an image of a customer’s property before and after photograph and weren’t happy with this, your policy would cover you for the damages if they were to take legal action.
It also covers you if a team member were to accidentally make a comment that your customer found to be slanderous or offensive and decided to take legal action as a result.
Ultimately a good insurance policy means that you can go about your work without worrying about what ‘might’ happen; you can focus on your work and growing your business.

It’s cheaper than the alternative

Generally, insurance policies can be purchased for a small monthly fee that is very affordable. This is certainly preferable to having to find potentially thousands of dollars to cover legal expenses!