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Services that fire watch guards provide to companies and businesses in Riverside


In a business, a fire outbreak can occur at any moment, which can cause damage to the lives of the public, property and economic assets of the company. To prevent it many companies have installed fire alarms system but what if it unexpectedly breaks and was unable to detect fire and even if it’s not broken it can’t find fire hazards like a human. Then it will become a threat to the lives and assets present in the company.

To prevent such incidents you need a fire watch guard. The National fire protection association or the NFPA, a self-funded NGO, established in 1986 provides professional Fire Watch Guards aiming for the reduction or complete elimination of loss of economic assets, property as well as lives of people.

So now the question arises, about the duties of professional fire watch guards. Professional fire watch guards are not like any other ordinary guards they are well trained specially for dealing with any fire threats or in case an actual fire outbreak occurs, they underwent a professional course of training to prevent fire from breaking out. Their daily duties include several tasks which they perform such as finding any source of fire threat before it becomes an actual fire, checking nearby electrical devices, checking heat storage devices and they also patrol the nearby area looking for fire thefts. They not only perform fire prevention duties but also regularly check fire alarm system, sprinkle system and fire extinguishers.

Find Fire hazards before fire outbreaks

The fire watch guards are responsible for protecting the assets and the lives of people in case of any fire threats. They have to check the area around and look for any possible fire threats and solve it before an actual fire outbreak occurs. It is one of the most important reasons why fire watch guards are important for fire prevention.

Patrolling nearby area

When the fire alarm systems are not working fire watch guards plays a vital role in keeping fire threats under regular check. They patrol the nearby area looking for possible fire threats and carefully examine flammable

Objects heat from electrical devices or heat from an unknown source. On top of that fire watch guards visually checks all the fire extinguishers, their specified best by dates or whether all fire extinguishers are still intact or not.

The first one to inform about fire

In case an actual fire breaks out, fire watch guards will be the first one to contact you as well as the fire department, providing them with all the necessary information about the fire outbreak. The fire watch guards will switch the fire alarm on, in case it fails to ring and make sure the sprinklers are working as they should. They will keep you and the fire department updated about the fire outbreak and try every possible method they can to keep the fire under control. They also try to keep the damage to economic assets and lives of persons as minimum as possible.


When it comes to fire no matter how many precautions we take they are not enough as fire can break out any time from anywhere, that’s why hiring a professional fire watch guard should be considered a priority among all the companies and businesses.

Hiring professional fire watch guards is always a good investment for all companies as you can rest easy in your house knowing that fire watch guards are there guarding the area looking for any possible fire theft. In the end, fire alarm system and sprinkler system are just machines and can malfunction at any time, so a professional fire watch guard will not only check for any possible fire threat but also keep a regular check on these machines. As it’s always better to be safe than being sorry.