Standing desk vs gaming desk: Which one is better?

How to decide your set-up for optimum productivity.

Over the last decade, the option of working at a standing desk has increased in popularity, beginning in the offices of ‘productivity-chasing’ start-ups in Silicon Valley. In the world of squeezing as much creativity as possible from the workday, it is posited that sitting down equals slows us down.  And that is where our gaming desk comes into the fray; not only is it designed for plenty of space for a large monitor or two (or more!) it is optimised for maximum comfort for the user. It also comes in different shapes like a l shaped gaming desk. Offices around the world utilise spacious desks with state of the art chairs designed with long periods of sitting in mind. 

The movement of ‘work from home’ shows no sign of slowing down. Many workers have created a space in their home to work at, some have annexed their bedroom and others have taken to building a work shed in the garden. With this ‘new normal’ we need to start thinking long term. Working from home can be a real change in the environment at the 9-5  office, sandwiched by a tedious commute. From the space you manage to take over as your new office to the feeling of the space you create from it; you need to be thinking of your health, both mentally and physically.  

Join us, to explore which desk is the right choice for you.

Standing Desk


It does not need to be a fancy ergonomic standing desk from Ikea, I have seen friends successfully use a door propped up on two shelves! Cost is not an issue here. If you find sitting for long periods of time tiring and this leaves you feeling lazy before the end of the workweek then a standing desk might be the right fit for you. In one study on the benefits of standing 87% of the participants said they felt more energised throughout the day and more engaged in their work as a result. This leads to you being more productive when you are in work mode, leaving more time to play! 

The type of work being done on the standing desk must be taken into account. If you are a coder you might find it difficult to focus on a complicated time-consuming part of the program for a long period of time. Some users report their legs hurting after standing up for so long.

Gaming Desk

Player one, ready.

From the world of Gaming, we have THE comfiest, most relaxed way to spend your time at a desk. Optimised for an expensive gaming set-up, usually a large surface desk with a big-screen monitor to work on, often building an array of monitors (think Minority Report). Spend your money on a good keyboard, a high-performance mouse and most importantly – the chair! 

Office chairs come in all shapes and sizes, 30 years ago the only feature they had was they could spin around… Nowadays the design going into these chairs is phenomenal; with silent tracking wheels, ergonomically designed armrests, backrests and cushions at all the correct points to avoid discomfort.  

For the jobs requiring focus, or an intense amount of typing this set-up could be for you. 

And the Winner is!

For those who will use their new home office as their newly updated gaming station in the evenings then the choice is obvious. For the rest of us, it is important to listen to our bodies and choose the desk that will keep us healthy, there is no point in burning a few extra calories from standing up if it requires a visit to the doctor for your sore feet!  For those who relish the thought of standing up all day and increasing productivity as much as possible, the standing desk will be your friend. 

However, the best option we have found is neither of these desks! Or should I say both of these desks.  The ultimate solution to this new age-old question is to buy a standing desk that easily adjusts its height as desired plus a good comfy chair. This option caters for the times you require giving your attention to an all-important phone call or need to stand and stretch your legs as you mind-map your latest brain wave!