Custom Shaped Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are used as a decorative soft furnishing item made from a wide range of fabric. These are a commonly used element for outdoor events and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and decorative elements such as tassels, piped edges and animal shaped also. Dog shaped customized pillows are also available.

Our Throw Pillows selection features more than 5600 designs, in a variety of 3 different sizes. Each throw pillow is hand-made in USA based factory, and features art on both sides. All pillows are machine washable and dryable, and are also available in an water and stain resistant fabric.You can add pops of silver and golden color, texture, and luxury on a small part of your home.

Washing a throw pillow

Throw pillows are preferred to be washed in two ways, by machine washing or by spot-cleaning. It is necessary to clean these items carefully so that their colors don’t get damaged. Your pillow will be labeled with a law label that states your pillow is made of 100% polyester. You can clean your pillow with any suitable method for this material.

  • Machine Washing

Throw pillows are 100% machine washable, which reduces the effort in cleaning. Just follow the directions below:

    • Wash your pillow with low temperature water to preserve its vibrant colors. 
    • Avoid putting too many items in the laundry at one time may prevent the pillow from getting cleaned properly.
    • Add a balanced amount of detergent and don’t overdo. Make the cycle normal and don’t speed it up.
    • Your pillow may look deformed due to the fiber being uneven. To fix the shape, all you need to do is press down and evenly distribute the fiber across the entire pillow.
  • How to Spot Clean Your Pillow

An equally effective way to gently wash your pillow is by spot-cleaning it:

  • After removing any solid debris, grab a clean white cloth or paper towel. Don’t use a colored cloth or printed napkins because sometimes the color can bleed onto the stained pillow. 
  • Dampen the cloth or paper towel with water, and add a small amount of cleaning detergent if necessary. Clean the surface working from the outside toward the center. 
  • Let it air dry.

Caution: Don’t ever use bleach or any harsh chemical on throw pillows. It will damage the art and fabric quality of your pillow. Imagine having throw pillow for enhancement of outdoor beauty, with damaged colors. Seems worst right? Be gentle on cleaning.

Drying a throw pillow

After cleaning, drying a throw pillow is another deal. Nothing to worry because following are the two easy ways that can help you dry your pillow without any effort.

  • How to Machine Dry Your Pillow

Machine drying is an easy method but you need to be careful about the temperature,

    • Place pillow in the dryer and use the lowest heat setting possible.
    • Stop dryer periodically to check if the pillow is drying evenly. Fluffing up the pillow’s distribution is suggested, it will keep the pillow on its place and avoid any turn overs inside it.
  • How to Air-Dry Your Pillow

Following is a method to dry a pillow without using machine,

  • Squeeze out as much water as possible from the pillow. You may also use a towel to remove the excess water.
  • Lay pillow on a flat surface or hang on a clothesline to dry.

Tip: Try drying your pillow in natural sunlight. The sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant 

        against smelly bacteria. 

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