Seven 4WD Accessories Every Offroader Needs

Seven 4WD Accessories Every Offroader Needs

Outdoor activities are all the rage in the USA lately, with some outdoor goods experiencing increased sales of up to 63%.

If you’re a 4WD enthusiast, you’ll that these vehicles can contribute immensely to your outdoor enjoyment, especially with the right 4WD accessories.

These are our top picks to keep you safe and comfortable during your next 4×4 adventure.

1.  Air Compressor

Some terrain demands that you deflate your tires. When you have an air compressor to hand, you can do this with confidence, knowing that you don’t need to find a service station to re-inflate them.

You can also use this gadget for reseating a bead on a tire. It also comes in handy for blowing the dust away from sensitive engine components.

2. Optimized 4WD Mag Wheels

Mag wheels look so much better than the original rims that roll off the factory floor. They’re also 20% lighter than standard wheels so help increase fuel economy.

Other benefits of mag wheels include better handling, acceleration, braking, and deflection while cornering.

According to, it’s possible to customize these vital accessories to suit any terrain. So it’s vital to consider exactly what you expect from your vehicle when choosing wheels.

3. Recovery Kit and Winch

When you’re exploring wide-open spaces, you can’t call a tow truck if you end up in a jam. In these cases, a winch is essential. You’ll also need extra recovery gear for 4wd like the following:

  • Winchline and hooks
  • Straps
  • Three-and-a-quarter ton shackles
  • Snatch block

These items can get you out of a tight spot when calling for help isn’t an option.

4. Camping 4WD Accessories

Do you love spending time under canvas during your outdoor outings? A battery-operated 12V fridge saves the day when it comes to keeping perishables fresh.

It’s the ultimate equipment to ensure you can enjoy a cool sundowner at day’s end too.

5. Recovery Tracks

These are the ultimate beginner 4WD accessories for those who haven’t learned how to stay out of trouble yet. These sturdy contraptions can wrest you out of snow, mud, or bogged sand and some of them double as shovels too.

A good jack is integral to the operation of these, so make sure the one that came with your 4×4 is up to the task.

6. A Bullbar

While a bullbar might seem like little more than a fashion accessory, it’s vital for protecting your vehicle from dense bush and animal strikes.

It’s also an important feature for attaching your winch and extra driving lights.

7. Driving Lights

No matter how well you plan, there will always be a time when you’re driving your 4X4 after dark. A good set of driving lights helps reduce driver fatigue and weariness.

They’re also vital for spotting obstacles and obstructions well in advance.

Embrace the Great Outdoors

Are you ready to hit the road? America offers a huge range of outdoor experiences for the well-prepared. Don’t leave home without these 4WD accessories that ensure you get the most out of your trip and stay safe out there.

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