Review Round-Up: Contract Management Solutions Software

Contract management solution (CMMS) is an innovative enterprise solution that supports real-time transaction processing to eliminate waste, manage multiple orders at once, and streamline internal and process communication for optimal results. It works seamlessly with Microsoft Office Suite programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project. Contract management software offers complete integration with Excel, Open XML, Word to Go!, PowerPoint, and Lotus Notes. It allows business teams to self-service from pre-written templates owned by the company, so the company can automatically manage routine contractual agreements from a single consolidated workspace. It allows complete visibility and control of all your contacts from a centralized user interface.


Benefits of Contract Management Solutions Software

Contract management solution automates the entire life cycle of contract processes. It seamlessly integrates with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and other Word processing programs. Businesses can now accept and process new contracts from anywhere they have an internet connection. It works with the customer, vendor, and even accountant. It reports the lifecycle time for each contract to provide the total cost of sale, cost per contract, the dollar amount of contract value, and other useful metrics.


Contract management solution provides customized alerts and invoicing for new contracts. It has customizable alerts for customer renewal, contract expiration, default date for contract renewal, and other renewal activity. It allows sending a different email notification to various departments for different contract renewal activities. It also allows sending email reminders for new contracts that must be renewed before the specified date.


Contract management software helps companies manage their contracts across multiple locations. It is designed to connect and collaborate with multiple teams and departments for optimal contract management solutions. Each team can see its custom contract management solution based on its current workplace setup. This enables them to better coordinate with each other for effective project management and better overall contract management goals.

The automated contract management solution has the following key features:

  • customized alerts for contract compliance and renewal
  • integrated reporting module with a wide variety of reports
  • customer, vendor, and accounting integration
  • project tracking and management tool
  • easy access to all information
  • ability to track and update workplaces across the company.

It further provides the ability to import or upload existing contracts. It also enables users to update or delete expired contracts in real-time. It offers the ability to manage projects and deliverables across multiple sites. It has advanced features like integrated contact management, workflow solutions, and access to external email and chat tools. It also provides project tracking and analysis and the ability to track the lifecycle of contracts.

It works on the Windows platform and can be managed by a single administrator. It is designed to run on any network that supports the installation of Active Directory services, Internet Information Services (IIS), and Digital Signage for online access. It works on any size of the organization but requires approximately 0.2 percent of the contract management system’s CPU for each request. It works without a centralized database and transaction logs are stored on individual computers. It works with any type of application and can scale up and down as needed. It can handle large volumes of requests per day and can be accessed through an internet browser.

This software review highlights several key advantages to using contract management software. These are provided to aid in the identification of contract compliance, which in turn, improves the quality of working. It also helps in controlling costs by providing reports and analytics, while reducing operational expenses. Finally, this software provides customers with easy access to their files.

Contract management solutions provide solutions to contract compliance by enabling businesses to comply with the regulations regarding contract compliance. It furthers business development by offering information about the most economical and efficient routes of procurement. The contract management solutions integrate technical and marketing information, thereby eliminating manual processes and simplifying communication. In addition, it helps in analyzing and tracking marketing trends, customer behavior, marketability, and competition. The audit trail and compliance alerts help detect potential risks and in improving the quality of services.