4 proven recruiting methods for 2021

In 2021, recruitment has evolved into a more challenging task. From lack of skilled candidates to an influx of applicants to dealing with candidate engagement, there are various factors to contemplate when working on a placement. But following these four recognised hiring methods, and leveraging the power of recruitment software solutions will certainly benefit recruiters.

1. Understand the ideal candidate

Every recruiter must have a clear idea of the kind of candidate they are targeting for the role. This helps them eliminate the other kinds of applications they receive and focus on the ones they need. If it’s a mid-level job then ideally they will want someone with certain years of experience and maybe even someone who has taken a leadership role. Some positions require great communication skills whereas another job might emphasise more on analytical skills.

Having clarity on the type of candidate required for the job makes going into the hiring process much easier and quicker. Recruiters can also turn to skills testing software to assess applicants’ skills and aptitude to confirm their suitability for the role.

2. Track talent pool

Keeping a diverse and strong candidate pool is in every agency’s best interest. It helps recruiters make quick placements when they have great talents in their network. To maintain a great source of candidates, recruiters will need to be consistent in their networking and relationship building.

Talent and market mapping are notable methods to utilise during candidate sourcing. Recruitment software has features that allow users to keep track of the movement of talents and understand the latest market changes and trends. These contribute greatly to talent sourcing and making the best placements possible.

3. Focus on candidate experience

Candidate experience carries an incredible amount of weight. Most recruiters easily get caught in the pressures of their work. They believe their job is done once they have good applicants in their candidate pool. It is natural for candidates to lose enthusiasm if they believe the role is not worth their time or if they believe the recruiter doesn’t have their best interest at heart.

Recruiters who recognise the significance of good candidate experience use recruitment software for smart communication. Every candidate will appreciate regular updates about their application process. And even if they don’t get through to the job, they are likely to remember the good experience they had with a certain recruiter and recommend them to a friend or come back again in the future.

4. Utilise social media

Social media has permeated every aspect of our lives. Even in recruitment, social media platforms are typically the first areas recruiters will turn to in order to find potential candidates. LinkedIn is especially prominent as a site for professionals to network and build contacts.

Recruitment software that works easily with social media is valuable for recruiters. Finding suitable applicants is not a straightforward task. But using the various social media sites makes the search for candidates easier and more convenient. LinkedIn profile searches enable recruiters to quickly scan an individual’s profile and add them to the potential candidate list if they match the client requirement.