The Average Cost of Car Shipping Services, Explained

The Average Cost of Car Shipping Services, Explained

Did you know there are over 276 million registered vehicles in the US?

Sometimes it’s easy to move your car from Point A to Point B. Other times, you need to consider hiring a car shipping service to do the moving for you.

Curious about the average cost of car shipping? Keep reading to learn what you might expect to pay.

What’s the Average Cost of Car Shipping?

If you want a short answer, here it is: The average cost to ship a car in the US is somewhere between $900 and $1,200.

As you might expect, though, this figure can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. The most important factor is how far you’re shipping your vehicle.

Car Shipping Cost: Distance Matters

Just like you save money buying in bulk, you generally save money shipping your car a greater distance.

For journeys up to 500 miles, you can expect to pay in the neighborhood of $1 per mile. Therefore, 450 miles should come out to around $450.

Between 500 and 1,000 miles, the per-mile cost drops closer to 75 cents per mile. Above 1,000 miles, you might pay as little as 50 cents per mile.

For more specific prices for your shipping route, look for cheap car shipping quotes from a reputable company.

Other Factors That Affects Car Shipping Cost

Besides the distance, what other factors impact the cost of car shipping? Consider just a few.

The Type of Service

Typically you can choose from three options: economy, standard, or expedited. Economy shipping will be the cheapest, but it will likely take the longest to move your vehicle. You’ll get your car faster with standard or expedited service, but you’ll also pay more.

The Type of Transport

Another big factor is whether you ship your car in open or closed transport. Open transport costs less, but it leaves your car exposed to the elements and possible damage from the road. Closed transport costs more, but it offers more protection for your vehicle.

The Size of Your Vehicle

What’s the make and model of your car? A compact car will cost less to ship than a midsize sedan, while a small truck will cost less than a large SUV. The bigger your vehicle, the more room it takes up on the transport (and the more you’ll pay for the space).

The Route & Time of Year

August and September are always busy times of the year, with families moving before the new school year begins. Seasonal routes, such as New York to Florida, are busy at the beginning and end of the winter season.

Your Vehicle’s Condition

Is your vehicle currently running? If it’s not, it will be more time-consuming and complicated to load it onto the trailer. Expect to pay more to ship a non-operational vehicle than one the shipper can drive onto the trailer themselves.

Looking for Affordable Car Shipping?

As you can see, the cost of car shipping services depends on a number of factors. You’ll need to do some research and request quotes to determine the average car shipping costs from your area!

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