Stay Safe, Stay Smiling: 4 Fun Virtual Events That You'll Love

Stay Safe, Stay Smiling: 4 Fun Virtual Events That You’ll Love

Ever since the pandemic hit in 2020, we’ve had to get creative when it comes to spending time with our loved ones. Even prior to that, many of us had family members and friends that lived in different countries, which made it difficult for us to see them in person.

While it’s not the same thing as hanging out physically, an acceptable alternative is to have virtual social events. This allows you to spend some quality time while having fun!

Need some inspiration? Here are 4 fun virtual events you can try out with your friends!

1. Online Escape Room

If you’re looking for exciting virtual events, then you’ve got it with online escape rooms! While it’s certainly not as fun as going through one in person, it’s still fun to discover clues and figure out puzzles with your friends.

You can usually find a professional to host the session and shape your adventure. So put your wits to the test!

2. Trivia Night

Pub quizzes were immensely popular before the pandemic. So if you and your friends are missing those nights out, why not host an online trivia night?

Each of you probably has your own specialties, so think about swapping hosting duties each time you play. For example, if you’re into comic books, you can host a comic trivia night and your friend who loves cooking can host a food trivia night the next week.

This allows you to hand off the hosting responsibilities so everyone gets to enjoy themselves!

3. Game Night

There’s no better way to bond and have fun with your loved ones than to have a game night! What’s great is many board games are now available online, so you can download them and have everyone log on to play a game or two.

There are also multiplayer video games of all genres, so you can explore that as well. From FPSs and MMORPGs, to casual trivia games (like Jackbox), there are plenty of ways you can get your competitive sides going!

For those who are ultra-nerdy, you can even have virtual Dungeons and Dragons nights. There are plenty of programs available online that allow you to move games online.

4. Happy Hour

No matter what you choose to do for your virtual event, you can always combine it with virtual happy hour!

First, start off with a beer or wine tasting. Or you can learn to make cocktails together.

Whatever you choose, you can then sip on your tasty drinks while digitally hanging out afterward. You can then spend your time doing things like playing board games, video games, or doing online escape rooms.

Invite Your Loved Ones for These Fun Virtual Events

Now that you have some ideas for fun virtual events, the next step is to plan and schedule them. Whether it’s trivia night or happy hour, you’re sure to have hours of entertainment!

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