The Top 10 Best Lady Gaga Songs

The Top 10 Best Lady Gaga Songs

When it comes to Lady Gaga, it is difficult to even know where to begin. As one of the best-selling artists ever to have walked the planet, as well as a recipient of 12 Grammys, as well as an Academy Award and numerous Golden Globes, it’s clear what the critics think.

The question of the best Lady Gaga album or the best Lady Gaga songs continues to viciously divide opinion among her legions of fans to this day. If you’re new to Lady Gaga, we’re here to help. Read on to find out exactly what the best of lady gaga is and how you can dive into this legend’s discography.

10. You & I

One of Gaga’s earliest forays into country sound, this high-camp ode to Nebraska combines all of the manic weirdness of Gaga’s world with the deeply emotive and entrancing vocals that made her a star. A great starting point for Gaga newbies.

9. Million Reasons

A song that continues to divide opinion, owing to how it represents such a strong departure from her club kid techno-pop era, Million Reasons is the kind of classic ballad that never gets old.

8. Shallow

The monster hit from the Star is Born Soundtrack that might actually be Lady Gaga most popular song, at least if we look at the streaming numbers. Shallow is a soulful duet with an incredibly powerful chorus that just makes you want to scream at the top of your lungs.

7. Rain On Me

Gaga brought joy to millions in the darkest days of 2020 with this infectious ode to living and pure joie de vivre. If you’re looking to catch Gaga in concert this year, this will be the one that brings out the ecstasy of the crowd. You can learn more here about Gaga’s live performances in the months ahead.

6. Just Dance

One of Gaga’s earliest hits would simply be a boilerplate late 2000s dance banger if it wasn’t for the uniquely Gaga spin she brings to the track. One of the single most infectious dance anthems of the century.

5. Shieße

Manic, deranged, and oozing with rhythm, this faux-German Eurohouse banger is really Gaga at her very best. Inspired by a heavy night in the techno dungeons of Berlin, this hardcore track will take you to another place.

4. Judas

An unhinged, synth-tastic techno odyssey that tells an unhinged story in glorious Gaga fashion, the controversial track Judas remains the crowning achievement of the Born This Way era.

3. Edge of Glory

This powerful dance track infused with hints of Bruce Springsteen is a simple yet oddly empowering ode to being yourself, something that Gaga has always been able to pull off better than most.

2. Born This Way

Gaga’s gay anthem and the 2010s response to Express Yourself, Born This Way remains the quintessential ode to self-expression and ignoring the haters. This is one song that will outlast Gaga and probably the entire music industry.

1. Bad Romance

When you know you know. Virtually everyone in the music scene recognized that Gaga has changed the game forever when she dropped the glorious pop-gothic earworm Bad Romance in 2009. This is pleasurable pop and powerful anthem all rolled into one in the very best way.

Now That You Know the Best Lady Gaga Songs

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