When to Replace Tires on Your Trailer

When to Replace Tires on Your Trailer

Most people keep a watchful eye on their car tires because they rely on them for safe transportation. Still, around 60 percent admit they don’t know how to change a flat tire.

Trailer tires are not like passenger car tires. Since these are different, many people have no idea when to change them. Keep reading to find out how you’ll know when to replace tires!

Trailer Tires

When it comes to tires, they don’t get manufactured the same way. Car and light truck tires are designed to turn with ease. They’re also made to stop whenever you hit the brakes.

Trailer tires are made to follow behind a vehicle. These tires aren’t designed to turn like car tires. They have strong sidewalls to support a heavy load.

Trailer tires are stiff so that they don’t sway all over the road. Trailers can come in different lengths, so frequent moving can get dangerous.

Tire Inspection

With any tires you have, you need to get a tire inspection to make sure everything looks okay. During an inspection, tires are checked for wear and tear and any potential issues.

A visual inspection is performed for any noticeable problems with the tire tread. Sometimes trailer tires get cracked, which could lead to a blowout in the future. You can expect some wear and tear of tires to happen, but it’s no longer safe to keep them once they’re worn down a lot.

Trailer tires last from three to six years. It’s a good idea to give them a visual inspection any time you plan a long haul or road trip.

Tire Tread

When it comes to tire tread, you should look for signs of wear and tear. That could be uneven patterns where the tread has been worn down. Tread separation can also lead to a blowout or trailer damage.

There are indicators to let you know when to replace tires. These are the raised sections with spacing in the bottom of the trailer tire tread. Upon inspection, if they’re even with the outside area, you should replace them.

When to Replace Tires Due to Damage

Tire damage can happen even with brand new trailer tires. There are always things we don’t see in the road that we may run over. Those things can cause damage that makes us need new tires.

Sometimes you could have a blowout for unknown reasons. Tire damage can get dangerous, so knowing when to replace them is critical for safety. If you see any bulges in the tires, you need to get them checked right away.

Timing Is Everything

Knowing when to replace tires is all about timing. Checking for unusual wear and tear and damage will keep you from getting stranded by the road.

Keeping your trailer tires in proper condition is crucial for the safety of your trailer. Now that you know when to replace tires, you’re all set for new adventures! Check out our other articles for more informative lifestyle content like this.