Forget Cars – Electric Scooters Pose New Risk On City Streets

There are many delightful ways to explore your favorite city on a beautiful day – walking, riding bikes, taking a trolley – but over the last few years, a new option has cropped up in cities across the United States: electric scooters. Also known as e-scooters, these small motorized rides are compact and fun and they can travel very quickly. More importantly, though, they can also pose a risk to both riders and those around them, and such accidents are leading to serious fallout.

Not Unlike A Car Crash

When an electric scooter crashes, whether into another person or into a car or street sign, the situation is not unlike a car crash, and the protocol for what to do after is fairly similar as well. For example, just as though you’d been in a car accident, after an e-scooter crash, you should prioritize getting medical attention, document the scene, and seek out legal help. While your health comes first, the more information your lawyer has about the situation, the better they can assist you.

Consider Who’s At Fault

One of the most interesting and frustrating things about e-scooter crashes is that there tends to be a lot of blame to spread around. The vehicles are minimally regulated, rides don’t need any special training or qualifications, and people often aren’t required to wear any special safety equipment like helmets. Additionally, their use is often overseen by the company that provides and services the scooters, rather than the city where they are used. 

When trying to sift through the wreckage of a scooter crash, one of the best things you can do is to have a personal injury lawyer on your side. They can determine what the laws surrounding e-scooters are in your area, what insurance policies might apply, and what types of damages you may be eligible for based on your injuries and the circumstances of your accident.

Know The Risks

Electric scooters have been around long enough now that we have a fairly good sense of what injuries and outcomes are most likely in the event of a crash. In particular, electric scooters are responsible for a growing number of head and neck injuries, including brain injuries like concussions, fractures, cuts, scrapes, and bruises. They’re also caused by a wide variety of landscape elements, many of which are simply an inherent part of the city – think curbs, manhole covers, and poles. Even if riders are cautious, things can go wrong.

Holding Services Accountable

E-scooters are popular with those who ride them and deeply unpopular with many pedestrians, public safety professionals, and even city administrators, and concerns about them should not be understated. In fact, a growing number of cities and colleges have chosen to ban them, or at least block the major rental services from doing business since, in addition to injuries, the scooters are often left in the middle of walkways and present accessibility issues for other citizens. 

Lacking the infrastructure and education to ensure people use e-scooters safely, e-scooters are stuck between being an area of growth and being an albatross around the neck of every urban area. This makes them hard to deal with, but also means that someone needs to be held accountable for the injuries they cause. It could be some time until we know who should be held responsible, but pursuing legal proceedings if you’re injured will only help the process.