How To Choose A Place For A Wedding: Tips From The Organizer:

The place of the wedding cannot be changed. In fact, it is possible, but it will cost additional funds, time and worries, so it is better to do everything right at once. And we will tell you how. If you are from Florida then the best news for you is that here you can easily rent the best locations for wedding by cheap florida weddings

Banquet hall and restaurant complex

You: dreaming of a traditional white dress and a classic wedding. The groom’s friends have put together a jazz band, and the bridesmaids want to rock all night on the dance floor. Among your guests there are vegetarians and people who are passionate about haute cuisine. This means your ideal wedding should take place in a restaurant.

Pros. This option is good for a clear organization – from the registry office to a photo session, from there to a restaurant. Choosing a banquet hall for a wedding, you will find many venues in a suitable style for 40-60 guests. But the biggest advantage of this option is, of course, the menu. All your preferences, wishes and even exotic tastes will be realized only in the restaurant.

Minuses. An unpleasant feature of the demanded restaurant complex can be the parallel holding of another wedding in the adjacent hall. Agree in advance if there is a separate table for children, the ability to bring your own drinks and fruits. If you are refused – cross this hall from the list without regret.

Hotel complex

You: with a groom from different cities, and your relatives and friends, respectively, too. You dream not only to introduce, but also to unite your families under one roof. Your choice for the perfect wedding is a hotel.

Pros: All invitees will comfortably accommodate, and during the wedding they will not worry about how to get to the place of their accommodation, in addition, elderly relatives and guests with small children will be able to relax at any time and then return to the celebration. The hotel is very convenient for a photo session “morning of the bride” and, of course, for the wedding night.

Minuses: When choosing this option, you will have to invite a decorator and a florist and put them in a tight time frame for installation and dismantling, because such halls are in great demand. 

Another disadvantage of a wedding in a hotel is that other guests live in it besides you. This means that loud music will have to be turned off in the midst of the fun around 22:00. Keep in mind that most hotel rooms do not have windows, so if your wedding is scheduled for a warm season, it may be a shame not to have access to fresh air.

Country wedding venue

You: very romantic natures, and your parents just love nature. You do not want a wedding within four walls, because you have been to such celebrations many times. Conclusion: your ideal wedding should take place outside the city during the warmer months.

Pros: Outdoor weddings are very picturesque. Surrounded by greenery and flowering plants, you do not need a complicated decor, because the organizers of the site have already taken care of the beauty of the landscape. Photos taken in natural light are of high quality and vivid.

Cons: ​With all the obvious advantages, a wedding in nature has a significant drawback – it has very expensive logistics. The closer to the city, the easier it is to get, but the sites are more expensive. 

If you choose a charming lake location that is affordable on a budget, then calculate in advance how much transportation will cost for guests, artists, organizers, catering, alcohol, water, flowers, equipment, and so on. 

Also, do not forget that, most likely, you will want an outdoor wedding ceremony, and the registry office employees may simply refuse to travel a considerable distance from the city