Sail Away: How to Get Your Boat License

Every year, more than 140 million Americans go out on a boat. And while many of them sit back and let someone else drive the boat that they’re on, there are obviously millions of people driving these boats out on the open waters.

If you’re interested in joining them, you’re going to need to begin by getting your hands on a boat license. You’re going to need some kind of boating license to drive a boat in almost every state.

Today, we’re going to talk at length about how to get a boating license if you want to do it. It should help you obtain one sooner rather than later so that you can head out on a boat right away.

Find out how to get a boat license below.

See What the Boat License Requirements Are in Your Specific State

Just like every state takes a slightly different approach to handing out driver’s licenses to people, most states take a different approach to dealing with boat licenses. It’s why you’re going to need to start by seeing what you’ll need to do to get a boat license in your specific state.

There are going to be different requirements for getting a boat license in, say, Florida versus getting one in Nebraska. So you should kick things off by looking up how your state goes about dishing out boating licenses.

Take an In-Person or Online Boating Safety Course

Regardless of what the requirements are for getting a boat license in your state, you’re almost always going to have to take some kind of boating safety course. You can typically take this course either in-person or, better yet, online.

There is no difference between a boat license that you obtain in-person and an online boating license in most states. You should sign up for whichever course is going to be the most effective and most convenient for you.

Pass a Boating Safety Test and Secure Your Boat License

At the end of an in-person or online boating safety course, you’re going to have to take a boat license test. The results of that test will determine whether or not you will earn your boating license.

You’ll need to pass this test with flying colors to receive a boat license. It’ll show that you’re ready to get behind the wheel of a boat safely.

Start Working Towards Obtaining Your Boat License Today

The answer to the question, “Do you need a license to drive a boat?”, is “Yes!” You will need a boat license to operate most kinds of boats in most states.

But the good news is that it’s not all that challenging to get a boat license. As long as you follow the steps that we’ve laid out here, you should be able to lock down a boating license in no time at all.

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