Learn How to Become a Professional Dancer Today!

Learn How to Become a Professional Dancer Today!

There are an estimated 7,370 dancers currently employed and performing worldwide. These dancers have worked hard to be where they are and continue to do so.

Are you a dancer looking to make it as a professional? There are some things you can do to increase your chances and spend your life doing what you love.

Get Ongoing Training

One thing you must do if you want to become a professional dancer is to receive ongoing training. To do this you’ll need to find dancing schools near you that will help train you throughout your career.

Training will help you to build the stamina and strength it takes to perform the dance techniques you’ve learned. Keep in mind you won’t be the only one training at these dancing schools and you’ll need to exhibit a high level of focus and dedication to be taken seriously.

With the right training, you can one day achieve your dream of performing in places like the Scottish Rite Theater, if you’ve not seen what they’ve had to offer to dancers like you check them out at scottishritepeoria.com.

Get Your Degree

While you don’t need a degree to secure a professional job, having one will ensure you’re exposed to various aspects of dance. For example, if you’ve only trained as a dancer during your degree, you can gain knowledge about the choreography aspect of dance.

You can also take classes in movement and learn exactly what your body and muscles do as you jete, plie, and arch your way across the dance floor.

Seek Out Union Jobs

We understand the first thing that’s crossed your mind is union jobs, why do I need to search for union jobs? Several dance companies find the dancers they need through their affiliation with unions.

One thing to remember when doing this is you will need to have a union card to be able to attend auditions.

Have a Solid Resume

Depending on the auditions you’re attending you’ll need to bring a resume with you to showcase your skills. As you create your resume think about including a dance reel.

The dance reel should be a short compilation displaying your skills as a dancer. You should also bring with you current headshots and ensure your contact information is updated.

Prepare for Auditions

All that’s left to do is prepare for your auditions as they approach. Before auditions, you might have knowledge of who the choreographer is giving you time to gain deeper insight into their teaching style.

Take time to work on your piece for the audition as well as creating a freestyle routine that will amaze those deciding on your future with their company.

How to Become a Professional Dancer?

We’ve answered the question of how to become a professional dancer and more above. You’ve got to take time to work on your craft by getting the proper training and revamping your resume ahead of auditions.

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